An Active Year – 2022


Chameleon Associates has been busy this year supporting a growing list of clients and projects. Our growth is due in large part to our loyal customers who appreciate what we do and how we do it, referring us to members of their network.

Here’s what we were up to in 2022:


Security Seminars and Training

  • Another successful Israeli Security Model Executive Seminar was delivered in October with attendees from the U.S., Netherlands and Poland. We’ve been delivering and refining this seminar since 2006! An interesting group of attendees is already forming for our next seminar (April 29-May 6).
  • Expanding our reach in Europe, we’re adding training there with the next: Predictive Profiling Seminar in Prague in April 2023
  • Training hosted by Sheriff’s Department for off-duty police officers and security officers protecting Jewish organizations in New York, New Jersey and Boston.
  • Dutch Parliament Predictive Profiling courses for security officers.
  • Dutch Ministry of Health security training and consulting.
  • Continued support for security at courts across the Netherlands including tactical exercises for court security officers.
  • Chameleon Europe trainers conducted a three-day course in Italy for border security officers. We also delivered a two-day course on Countering Insider Threat for security executives in Warsaw, Poland.

School Security

  • We’ve conducted dozens of full Threat, Risk and Vulnerability assessments for schools across the West Coast. Schools have us back for training programs, red team exercises and emergency drills.
  • In the Netherlands, conducted a Threat, Risk and Vulnerability assessment for a college in Rotterdam.

Executive Protection

  • For the past seven years we have been providing security consulting and training services to Family Offices of very prominent leaders of industry and political figures in Ecuador.
  • Executive Protection program for CEO who heads a multi-billion-dollar corporation. The project includes a permanent team and coordination of high-level visits to various destinations in Europe and Asia.

Online Courses and Digital Media

  • We are in the process of expanding our online curriculum and are also translating all our online training courses into Dutch.


  • Museums have long been a key client for us. Chameleon Associates Europe supports our long-standing relationships with some of the largest and most visited art museums in Europe.
  • Given recent events, interest in our services in that sector has increased. Our consultants conducted a global TRVA for the Dallas Museum of Art. Earlier this month, Chameleon’s work with museums was mentioned in an article on the Wall Street Journal.
  • We’ve completed TRVAs at four museum locations for the U.S. National Park Service, this year.

Religious Institutions

  • Faith based organizations have reached out to us for TRVAs and training which we’ve conducted for Jewish Centers and Churches.

Security Quality Assurance and Audits

  • Our team of Security Quality Assurance managers and trainers continue to provide great training and red team exercises to large retail clients in Texas to support their proactive security programs.
  • As part of a long-term project, we have been conducting Security Audits for a multinational pharmaceutical company, supporting locations in NC, NJ, CA
  • For a multinational corporation that provides software and services for communications, media and financial services, Chameleon conducted red team exercises for/against their some of their facilities in Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, Cyprus, the UK, Germany and the U.S.
  • Hospitality and Security Foundation of a Caribbean destination for training and red teaming and customized training for specific high end hotels.


  • Full TRVA for power and desalination plant and a power distribution company that includes support in implementation.
  • Training sessions for security officers at an international Airport.
  • Training in Predictive Profiling for a Central Bank.


  • We are amping up our Cyber Audit services and conducted a Cyber Audit in the last quarter of 2022 for power distribution company.

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