Threat Risk & Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA)

Let us evaluate your security needs & recommend proactive, cost effective countermeasures to reduce your threat & risk exposure

Chameleon Associates provides our clients with an objective, baseline assessment of existing security conditions at a given point in time. This allows for clearer insight into potential vulnerabilities and loopholes that can attract infiltration.

Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) considers the client’s need to protect people and assets, minimize exposure to crime and terrorism, breaches of security and overall business risk.

Assessment Scope

It involves a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the client’s entire security framework including:

  • Security organization.
  • Charting critical area vulnerabilities and providing solutions for the latter.
  • Policy, procedures and practices.
  • Perimeter protection and facility access control.
  • Employee and visitor identification issues.
  • Electronic security systems (alarms, access-control, CCTV and other sensors).
  • Allocation and distribution of security personnel, and post orders.
  • Security control and monitoring center and emergency communications systems.
  • Terror and crime trends and service impact.
  • Employment procedures (i.e. background checks).
  • Security and awareness training.
  • Dispatch and reception of valuables.

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Assessment Approach

A security survey is conducted by first testing the security system from the "outside-in" that is to say, from an intruder's or criminal's perspective, starting with no inside information and charting the vulnerable areas. The next step involves examining the security system from within (“inside-out”) and interviewing security and security-related personnel.

Chameleon provides the client with an objective assessment of vulnerabilities and security threats with respect to each and every aspect noted above. Furthermore, a list of cost effective solutions is brought forth to meet the challenges assessed in the security survey.

Assessment Deliverables & Solutions Offered 

At the end of our site visits, a detailed report is generated. It includes a thorough analysis of the risks and threats facing the client and a suggested road map for security upgrades prioritized based on urgency, budget, operational constraints and more. We make sure to identify the "low hanging fruit" - procedures and policies that are easy to implement, have minimal effect on operations or organizational culture, but have a high threat mitigation value.

The range of solutions we often recommend include but are not limited to the following:

  • Procedural changes and adjustments.
  • New applicable technology and equipment.
  • Intelligence gathering systems.
  • Personnel training at all levels.
  • Employment screening procedures and software.
  • Access solutions.
  • Periodic drills and assessments.
  • Physical barriers.
  • Landscaping (i.e. thorny impenetrable decorative bushes instead of fences)
Security Assessment By Chameleon Associates

Implementation of the Recommendations

We've been conducting Security Assessments long enough to know that a report, as good as it may be, is not enough. Clients require assistance implementing the security recommendations. To this end, we are often asked to provide these complementary services:

  • Security and emergency Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) design and development.
  • Screen, test and train security personnel to meet a clear threat mitigation objective.
  • Assist the client with drafting RFPs, as well as screening and selecting system installers and suppliers.
  • Design a customized security system which includes access control, communications, monitoring & perimeter protection, command and control and more.
  • Security training development and customization.
  • Manage emergency drills and table top exercises.
  • Training of staff and security officers (e-learning, classroom-based courses).
  • Security training standardization and certification.
  • Provide security quality assurance services through site inspections and “red teaming” of security personnel (surprise adversarial simulation and penetration testing).
  • Identifying and recruiting Security Manager/Director.
  • Provide part/full time security management services.
  • Assist in fostering a closer relationship between the client and law enforcement agencies.
  • Assist in building an independent intelligence capability to thwart insider threats.

Selected Projects & Clients

Here are selected Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment projects Chameleon has been retained to conduct in recent years:

  • TRVA for several large retail chains in the U.S.
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services for the European Commission.
  • Vulnerability assessment and red teaming services for DOD's Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC).
  • TRVA for Canada's second largest international airport.
  • TRVA for a major U.S. Airport and for two General Aviation (GA) Airports.
  • TRVA for several private schools and educational institutions around the U.S.
  • TRVA for one of Central America's largest airports.
  • TRVA for an American retailer's operations in Mexico.
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services for the Office of Amtrak's Inspector General.
  • TRVA for one the world biggest battery manufacturers.
  • TRVA for America's largest mall.
  • TRVA for some of the world's most renowned museums in the U.S. and Europe.
  • TRVA for California largest casino.
  • TVRA for one of Asia's largest and most advanced metro systems.
  • TRVA for a leading medical research company in the U.S.
  • TVRA for high net worth individuals and their families in South America and the U.S.
  • TVRA of a VIP protection unit of a presidential candidate in Latin America.