Security Questioning Online

The ability of officers to interview & question the people they interact with is critical for threat mitigation & security

This Security Questioning Online Course is a unique training module that teaches students how to use one of the most effective yet under-utilized skills in security: questioning. We emphasize the human element by empowering security personnel to ask threat-oriented questions. Security Questioning deters adversaries and hardens your target. The course provides a step-by-step process for honing questioning skills. Learning is enhanced with video simulations and interactive exercises.

The course takes 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.

Get Professional Education (CPEs) credit with Chameleon Associates' courses from ASIS.

Here are some of the topics discussed in the course:

  • Threat Assessment through Security Questioning
  • The Cover Story
  • The Initial Security Assessment of the Interviewee
  • Security Questioning Guidelines
  • Situational Assessment in Security Questioning
  • Behavioral Assessment in Security Questioning
  • The Adversary vs. The Protester
  • Case Study - "The Shoe Bomber"

User Features

The Chameleon Security Questioning 101 online course uses a variety of learning tools and resources that allow students/users to get a real feel for security questioning. These tools include:

Administrative Features

Clients who want to manage and track their users can enjoy the advanced features of our online Learning Management System. As a client who administers the course to others, you will be able to track your learners' progress and test scores as well as communicate with your learners through the LMS system


No. of UsersCost per UserExpirationContact
1$6930 daysGreen Checkmark


2-10$596 monthsGreen
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11-40$496 monthsGreen
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41-100$396 monthsGreen
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101-500$296 monthsGreen
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501-1,000$196 monthsGreen
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1,001 +$9one yearGreen
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Customization Options

Contact us if you would like to customize this course to your organization's specific needs. Here are some customization options that we can provide:

  • Add or omit content to the course
  • Brand the course to include your own logo, theme, color and design
  • Add a forum were your students can discuss the topics
  • Create your own links to specific information you want your students to know about

System Requirements

  • High speed internet connection
  • Web browser: We recommend using Firefox and Google Chrome. IE8 and IE7 work well but IE9 has problems recording test results onto the LMS
  • This online course will also play on an Ipad using the "Articulate Mobile Player" app which is available at the AppStore
  • Speakers or earphones

Here are some of the corporate and government clients that purchased an organizational license for this course:

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"This course was highly informative and shows the importance of one of the most under utilized tools security has in its arsenal. The concept enforces the importance of security being proactive."

"It was very good experience I able to get lots of information over all its was really very useful knowledge."

"Utilizing real life events is very helpful to the course content."

"The course was very informative, educational and interesting. The course material was clear, precise and easy to understand."

"Enjoyed the course and will apply to my job."

"This course was an eye opener and reminder of how often we misinterpret other based on mind set. It is a learning tool and will beneficial to me as I continued in the Security Industry. I will endeavor to sign up for another of your course material...Thank you much."

"This course was very informative to me as a security officer, all of the contents were explained and simplified that I was able the understand the concepts of why Security Questioning and Predictive Profiling was and will be effective and efficient once's the proper approach is followed."

"Very well put together! I appreciate current references and the focus on both threat assessment and customer service!"

"This was a very well organized and presented course that was a good use of my time."

"Great class, good all-around course. One of the better online courses I have taken."