Insider Threat Online Course

Insider Threat is one of the biggest security challenges, hard to detect before damage is done.

Whether you need to secure against workplace violence, IT and data breaches, state-sponsored espionage, or intellectual property theft - we'll help you understand the motivations and MOs and how to detect Insider Threat in the planning stages.

Course Will Cover:

  • Insider Threat Types and Terminology
  • Risks
  • Motivations
  • Process of Transformation
  • Suspicion Indicators
  • Models of Detection
  • Observable Behaviors
  • Personality Types
  • Types of Attack
  • Proactive Threat Assessment
  • Insider Threat Program

User Features

Chameleon's Insider Threat Online course uses a variety of learning tools and resources that allow students/users to get a real feel for the methods. These tools include:

  • Ability to take the course at your own pace
  • Case studies
  • A detailed interactive glossary of terms
  • Links to supplemental articles and video clips
  • Interface allows students to easily navigate the material
  • Interactive test
  • Print your own certificate of completion
  • A course survey

Administrative Features

Clients who want to manage and track their users enjoy the advanced features of our online Learning Management System. As a client who administers the course to others, you will be able to track your learners' progress and test scores and communicate with the learners through the LMS.


No. of UsersCost per UserExpirationContact
1$7930 daysGreen Checkmark
2-10$696 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
11-40$596 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
41-100$496 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
101-500$396 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
501-1,000$296 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
1,001 +$19one yearGreen
(888) 343-4100

Customization Options

Contact us if you would like to customize this course to your organization's specific needs. Here are some customization options that we can provide:

  • Add or omit content to the course
  • Brand the course to include your own logo, theme, color and design
  • Add a forum where your students can discuss the topics
  • Create your own links to specific information you want your students to know about

System Requirements

High speed internet connection

Web browser

Speakers or earphones


"This material gives our supervisors solid support and has been very helpful."

"This training was not available from any other place and was just what needed. Good for general mgmt also."

"Thank you for this material. Interesting and well presented."