Emergency Preparedness Consulting

We help you Prepare, Respond, Mitigate and Recover from Disasters

Chameleon offers A to Z consultation and training in Emergency Preparedness.  Emergency can strike in the form of Natural Disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, excessive heat, floods and tornados.  Manmade disasters can take the form of chemical spills, power outages, transport accidents, social unrest, nuclear or radiological accidents and terrorism.

Whatever the source, don't let it take you unaware and unprepared.

Emergency Preparedness webpage

Industries we help include:

  • Schools and Academic Institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private businesses
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Retail and Entertainment Venues
  • Government agencies

Our services include training to all levels of personnel from the receptionist in the front office to executives in the c-suite.  We conduct review of our client's SOP and make recommendations for revision.  We help with the planning and management of emergency exercises.  We guide tabletop exercises - an invaluable tool.  We conduct security vulnerability assessments to help clients establish baselines and find vulnerabilities.

Table Top Exercise

Can we assist you to be better prepared for emergencies?

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