Security Quality Assurance

Chameleon aims to build a new standard of quality and performance in the security industry.


Chameleon's Security Quality Assurance Program gives clients the necessary testing (red teaming) and training that together insure that security services are maintained and that their quality and capabilities improve over time. Chameleon Red Team Agents and Trainers visit the client and security officers regularly. They test the officers’ alertness, proficiency levels and correct issues - on the spot.

Our Quality Assurance Managers and Trainers are carefully selected for their ability to train, motivate and manage security personnel. They bring decades of security experience working in government, private and nonprofit sectors.

Chameleon is an independent security training and consulting company. We have no products or hidden services to promote. Our sole goal is to improve the overall performance of security professionals through supervision, training and guidance. Our Security Quality Assurance Program typically includes:

  • Site Inspections - Conducting site inspections to make sure security officers understand their mission, and possess the skills to recognize threats and suspicion in their protected environment. We make sure officers follow the SOP and that their equipment and appearance is up to the client’s standards.
  • Red Teaming and Penetration Testing - Adversarial simulations ensure that security officers and the security system is effective in mitigating or preventing threats. Making recommendations for enhancements to the Security Standard Operating Procedures based on the red teaming results.
  • Assistance with Security Vendors - We help our clients negotiate favorable terms of service with guard companies and security systems installers. We draft customized Requests for Proposals (RFP) and make sure the contractors adhere to their contractual obligations and expected performance.
  • Training and Certification - Develop, customize and deliver training programs for officers and supervisors on proactive threat assessment, security questioning, emergency response and much more.
  • Awareness Training for General Staff - Training non-security personnel on preventative behaviors and educating them on how to enhance security with vigilance and awareness.
Quality Assurance Training Classroom

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Chameleon's Security Quality Assurance Program closes the often serious gap of insufficient quality assurance and poor security skills by making sure officers are inspected and trained objectively and professionally. The following table illustrates the added value our Security Quality Assurance Program brings to clients who use contracted or in-house security forces.

Guardian by Chameleon

Guardian by Chameleon™ is a proprietary software that we use in support of our Security Quality Assurance Program.  Click here to learn more about it.


Security Performance Enhancers

Security Services Provider

Chameleon Associates

Independent and objective assessment of the security officers and system. Security Quality Assurance Program x check mark
Red Teaming and testing of security officers through adversarial simulations. x check mark
Periodic testing of the security officers on the SOPs. x check mark
Independent and objective assessment of threats, risks and vulnerabilities. x check mark
Independent and objective consultation in all security matters. x check mark
Training development, customization, delivery and certification in line with client's requirements and security threats. x check mark
Training officers in Proactive Threat Assessment, Security Questioning and Counter Surveillance techniques. x check mark
General staff and security officers provided access to an ever growing online courses on threat mitigation. x check mark
Training officers in surveillance detection techniques. x check mark
Tactical training and weapons qualifications for armed officers. x check mark
Self defense and tactical training for unarmed officers. x check mark
Training supervisors and managers on leadership and coaching skills, QA practices and more. x check mark