Workplace Violence Online Course

Workplace Violence Training for any Industry and any sized business

Workplace Violence has grown steadily over the last several years and shows no signs of slowing down. This phenomenon is so concerning that several jurisdictions around the world have made it a legal requirement that every employer provide Workplace Violence Training for their employees. In 2024, California passed SB 553 mandating such a training be provided by every California employer* for their employees.

This online course is for workers of every type and sector – customer service, transportation, education, healthcare, sales, office, workers, warehouse workers. It teaches crucial mitigation skills not only for responding well to workplace violence but also for detecting potential violence and mitigating it before an attack happens.

Topics Include:

  • Empowerment thru awareness and common sense.
  • How to create a safer workplace thru unity and inclusiveness.
  • How to detect external threats before an attack.
  • How to detect internal threats in the workplace.
  • Learning the stages of anger and violence and how to respond to each level.
  • Key De-Escalation skills.
  • Effective response skills in violent situations aimed to keep workers safe.
  • Case studies and statistics to improve worker awareness.

User Features

The Workplace Violence Online course uses a variety of learning tools to give students/users a real feel for the methods used while also satisfying the legal responsibility of the employer to provide such training as required in California SB 553. These tools include:

  • Ability to take the course at your own pace.
  • Detailed real-world examples.
  • Links to supplemental articles.
  • Interface allows students to easily navigate the material.
  • A printed Certificate of Completion.
  • A final quiz to establish level of learning.
Suspicion Equation

Administrative Features

Clients who want to manage and track their users enjoy the advanced features of our online Learning Management System. As a client who administers the course to others, you will be able to track your learners' progress and test scores and communicate with the learners through the LMS.


No. of UsersCost per UserExpirationContact
1 - 50$2930 days



Workplace Violence Online Training 

   For up to:

   50 employees               $990
   100 employees          $1,590
   150 employees          $1,990
   200 employees          $2,390
   300 employees          $2,990
   500 employees          $4,490

To order or for more information, please email us at or call us at +1 818.713.8448.

Customization Options

Contact us if you would like to customize this course to your organization's specific needs. Here are some customization options that we can provide:

  • Add or omit content to the course
  • Brand the course to include your own logo, theme, color and design
  • Add a forum where your students can discuss the topics
  • Create your own links to specific information you want your students to know about

System Requirements

High speed internet connection / Web browser / Speakers or earphones


* Certain employers are exempt from the California regulation click on this link for more details: California SB 553 FAQ