Insider Threat Course

This course addresses a wide range of potential threats: theft, espionage, sabotage, hacking, infiltration, whistle-blowers & much more.

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Insider threats plague companies, government or military entities alike, costing millions of dollars and exposing us to serious vulnerabilities. Our Counter Insider Threat Program offers step-by-step methods for understanding and mitigating those threats. It's suitable for anyone tasked with preventing threats like espionage, embezzlement, sabotage, hacking, infiltration and much more. Students first learn about the nature of the threat itself. They then explore those populations and profiles most likely to be vulnerable to recruitment or motivated to act. Lastly, we provide tools to identify and assess who within an organization poses a threat and how to best close up the loopholes.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Nature of the Insider Threat
  • Risk populations
  • Threat assessment and Suspicion Indicators
  • Applicant Threat Assessment
  • Clearance Interviewing
  • Background checks for individuals and contractors (organizations)
  • Clearances
  • In-employment threat mitigation
  • Conflicting allegiances
  • Questioning skills

Train your Security and Human Resources department on what to look for, and how to conduct security-oriented interviewing as well as assess applicants for their threat potential to the organization. Who should take this course? Security and HR professionals, executives , intelligence officers, military and law enforcement can all benefit from this course.

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This course has been delivered to dozens of organizations all over the world including government agencies, central banks, defense contractors and corporations.

This course has been delivered to many organizations all over the world including the US Military, Central Banks and many Defense Contractors. To to learn more about what past students had to say about this course click here.