Online Courses

Chameleon offers wide range of courses for security officers, general staff & security managers

Developed by subject matter experts and professional curriculum designers, our online courses provide an affordable and convenient tool for closing security skill and knowledge gaps. Every online course includes interactive sessions, glossaries, reference materials, case studies and the ability to automatically generate a certificate upon successful completion.

Chameleon Online Courses and Development

The courses are hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) to provide the students and clients the ability to track training performance and test results.

With additional cost, each online course modules can be customized to meet the client's need. Customization can be as small as adding a company logo or an introduction video at the beginning of the course. Or, more intricate customization such as translating the course to another language or including specific course content to the module. For a detail description of each course module, click on the links below:

Online Course Organizational License Clients

Want to customize or develop a specific course module?

Our course developers and subject matter experts can help!

Professionals who want to further their professional development and careers go through our online courses to gain knowledge and hone their skills.

Organizations with security officers and staff spread out around the world, use our online courses as an cost effective tool for security awareness and continuing education.

Security Companies train their officers with Chameleon online courses to meet government training requirements and to provide the officers with critical tools to effectively perform their duties.

Chameleon Alumni take the online courses as a reference to the classes and seminars they attended.