Corporate Investigations

We find what some people try to hide!

Chameleon Associates provides corporate investigation services to include criminal and financial background checks and investigation of electronic crimes, information leaks, fraud and theft.

We also offer litigation support critical for effective legal cases. Our reports, information and ideas not only allow attorneys to focus on the legal matters, but help lighten the load and meet deadlines.



Due Diligence & Background Investigations

Chameleon's Due Diligence services save our clients time and money. Validation and verification of information about people or organizations is a critical step for so many business ventures. We conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, various investment scenarios, on potential business partners, and in real estate transactions or development. Chameleon gleans information from a wide variety of sources, government and private data bases, private sources and through surveillance.

We have a reputation in the industry for diligence, creativity and of course - complete discretion. The Chameleon network extends well beyond domestic to the servicing of international cases of virtually any kind.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Loss of revenue due to infringement and counterfeiting can be devastating. Our investigations can reveal the counterfeiting manufacturers, their distribution network, vendors, storage locations and financial resources, as well as recovering infringing materials for evidence in prosecution, and the destruction of the goods.

Competitive Intelligence 

Staying one step ahead of the competition is the key to your firm's success. Our lawfully conducted investigations reveal competitors’ business plans and strategies, identify competitor vulnerabilities, reveal executive placement and strategies, and other factors that give our clients a competitive advantage in their market sphere.

Investigations Services by Chameleon Associates

What Do You Need To Investigate?

Contact us or fill a request for proposal form to tell us more and we will help you with a customized solution!

Employee Interviews

Interviews of employees and witnesses regarding theft, embezzlement, fraud, sexual harassment, and other workplace issues require the ability to determine deception. Our interviewers have very practical experience conducting loss prevention and suspect interviews, using lawful methods to obtain the information necessary to get information and to make decisions regarding termination and prosecution.

Undercover Operations

Corporate clients come to us to investigate employee theft, embezzlement, fraud, workers compensation fraud, and other actions that negatively affect the bottom line. Our undercover investigations reveal the culprit and their methods of operation. The information we gather provides our clients with valuable data to use in strengthening their loss prevention strategies.


Surveillance is an art that requires creativity, perseverance and stealth. It also requires state-of-the-art equipment to avoid detection and capture evidence. Chameleon has the operational and legal know-how for managing surveillance operations.