Executive Protection

We provide security consulting for executives & High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) seeking to protect themselves, their loved ones & their assets

Our executive protection consultants and trainers are retired agents from governmental agencies who have spent entire careers protecting presidents, prime ministers and other dignitaries. We assist clients all over the world to assess, build, upgrade and train their VIP protection teams. For three decades, Chameleon has been providing security training and consulting to corporate executives, government dignitaries, celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals across the globe.

High Net Worth Individuals and corporations hire Chameleon to vet and qualify agents, design procedures, make recommendations for technology and equipment upgrades and provide a comprehensive training curriculum for all those involved in safeguarding the protectees.

Our EP consulting and training team works with each client to identify their specific threats and personal needs.

We then build around these considerations a common sense security system that provides maximum protection - with minimum hindrance - to the protectee.

Security Consulting with the Client in Mind

We respect our customers’ need for privacy and freedom of movement so we tailor our security recommendations to balance the threats, risks and vulnerabilities of the client with his/her lifestyle. For each client, we recommend and help implement a security package that may include but not be limited to:

  • TSCM debugging and sweeps
  • Vetting of staff and EP Agents
  • Armed and unarmed protection services
  • Estate Security
  • K-9 Services
  • GPS monitoring
  • Travel security arrangements all over the world
  • Shadowing (undercover security)
  • Design and implementation of a full physical security system
  • Design and implementation of safe room
  • Information security and OPSEC
  • Awareness training for staff members and crew

Need Assistance With Your Executive Security?

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Agent Vetting and Training

We understand that executive protections services are as good as the people who provide them. That is why we help our clients vet and train their EP agents. We use rigorous selection and vetting processes to verify and substantiate the EP Agents' professional qualifications and personal qualities. We make sure they possess the right background, skill sets and personal traits:

  • Training and experience in close protection work
  • Training and experience in threat assessment and situational awareness
  • Training and experience in tactical driving
  • Training and experience in self defense and tactical response (armed and/or unarmed)
  • Military, Government Security and/or Law Enforcement background
  • Reliability and Trustworthiness
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Untarnished professional and personal record