School Security TRVAs


Let us Evaluate your School Security

OurThreat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) considers a client’s need for protecting people and assets while also minimizing exposure to crime and terrorism.
Clients get an objective, baseline assessment of existing security conditions at a given point in time with clear insights on potential vulnerabilities.


  • We look at security from the adversary's point of view, building from the perspective of the bad guys who we want to stop.
  • We recommend proactive, cost-effective measures to reduce and mitigate the threats.
  • And we stress prevention over response, implementing proactive measures to mitigate threats from becoming actual events.


After a thorough site visit, a detailed report is provided to our school client that includes a threat and a risk analysis, suggestions for improvement based on urgency, budget and operational constraints.

We prioritize recommendations so you can quickly move to address easier, cost efficient items while also planning for longer term changes.

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We've been conducting Security Assessments long enough to know that a report, as good as it may be, is not enough.

Chameleon can assist in implementing security recommendations:

Kids making assessment
  • Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) design and development.
  • Screen and test security personnel to meet a clear threat mitigation objective.
  • Assist with drafting RFPs, screening and selecting system installers and suppliers.
  • Security training development and customization.
  • Manage emergency drills and tabletop exercises.
  • Training of staff and security officers (e-learning, classroom-based courses).
  • Provide security quality assurance services through site inspections and “red teaming” of security personnel (surprise adversarial simulation and penetration testing).
  • Help foster close relationships with local law enforcement agencies.

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