School Security – Training


We believe the #1 factor in effective security is training


That's why Chameleon offers multiple training paths: online courses, in-person instruction to small groups and presentations to larger audiences.

We teach through empowerment - not fear.

And we model our curriculum to fit the audience (teachers, parents, staff, security and kids, as desired) delivering whatever length modules the school needs, fitting your schedule. We can even go room-by-room working with teachers to create safety strategies for individual space.

We also customize curriculum to perfectly fit specific requirements of a given school. Depending on their vulnerabilities and threat environment, the training can be about De Escalation techniques, or Emergency Response drills. We can guide you in building a Threat Assessment team and teach your people to identify indicators that signal both External and Insider threats.

Active Shooter training and drills are a must. Our Critical Thinking Drills start with faculty alone, providing a chance to use new knowledge gained to think through choices.  Students can participate in these drills, as appropriate.

Online Learning - Chameleon's School Security Online course addresses the specific threats posed to our children in any school environment.

It offers staff, faculty and parents an introduction to the kinds of threats - internal and external - that are the most problematic. Knowing what to look for is key to mitigate and prevent crimes and attacks.

Clients have the option to administer the course, tracking learners' progress and test scores and communicating with them via our Learning Management System.

Custom Training can be provided in person or via Zoom.  The course might take the form of a two-hour primer, or two full days of learning or any other time frame that works for your school.  Either way, one-on-one engagement with a Chameleon expert allows students to not just hear what's important but it also affords them a chance to do tabletop exercises and test out techniques 'in the field' whether it be virtual or in person.

Our in-person training is highly interactive and very effective for giving anyone tasked with security the tools they need to do a great job.

Presentations to larger audiences are a fantastic way to get everyone on the same page and to fuel momentum for getting your whole community on board with good security.

Chameleon will customize our presentation to meet your needs; we cover a wide range of topics to suit just about everyone in the school community - teachers, operational staff, parents and kids.

Our trainers are subject matter experts who are able to convey a lot of good information in a way that is effective yet entertaining.

Interested in a School Security Assessment?