Security Questioning

The most useful, effective, deterring and inexpensive weapon against criminals and terrorists is the ability to ask a good question.

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Police interview and interrogation is not the same as Security Questioning. One of the most important skills for anyone involved in security or threat mitigation is QUESTIONING. Security Questioning is the only mechanism in a security system to effectively counter adversaries in the planning stages of the crime/attack. It is also the only security tool where a criminal/terrorist is put on the defensive needing to protect a cover story. While security and law enforcement are trained in response they are rarely trained on prevention. The Security Questioning course teaches trainees to deter, disrupt and prevent terrorists and criminals from achieving their goals.

Security Questioning Course By Chameleon

Proficiency in the Chameleon Security Questioning Technique is gained by interactive practice. This course includes questioning workshops and simulated scenarios that illustrate the application and use of the Chameleon Security Questioning Technique in day-to-day security operations.

The course covers some of the following topics:

  • THE COVER STORY: Trainees learn about the way adversaries develop and maintain cover stories. case studies on Ahmad Rassam ("Millennium Bomber"), Richard Reid ("The Shoe Bomber"), Kim Hyun Hee, Laila Khaled are covered.
  • TYPES OF QUESTIONING: From Security Questioning used in access control to the interviews held in an open environment and even questioning while undercover.
  • UNDERSTANDING BODY LANGUAGE: Learning to interpret body language will help you to find suspicion indicators, signs of lying and intent when conducting questioning.
  • PRINCIPLES OF QUESTIONING: Methods for effective security questioning and some of the suspicion indicators associated with individuals being questioned.
  • INTELLIGENCE DRIVEN QUESTIONING: Learn how to use tactical questioning to find information and intelligence from individuals, suspects and/or convicted criminals and terrorists.
  • QUESTIONING AS A SCREENING TOOL: Learn how to integrate questioning into a security process that uses detection technology such as metal detectors, x-rays etc. Also learn how to use questioning to deal with false IDs and/or false identities.
  • SECURITY QUESTIONING TO DEAL WITH INTERNAL THREAT: Security questioning techniques associated with security screening of human resources before and during their employment.

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Security, law enforcement and military will all benefit from this introduction to Security Questioning.

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"Great training, have improved my knowledge of the threat immensely. I learned practical skills to deal with potentially hostile situations."

"Overall excellent course I would like to see organizations senior leadership take this course."

"I enjoyed this seminar very much and found it to be very informative and helpful to my job. The content was presented very well and was augmented with personal experiences of the Instructor that brought about clear understanding of the concepts being presented! It was great and I look forward to future training opportunities!"

"Outstanding all the way around!! Thanks!"

"Superbly experienced and qualified instructor who, none the less, comes across humbly...I appreciate hearing an expert who does not brag about being an expert. Fundamentally and to the point models I can take to my team in security operations. I consider the manual a sensitive mother lode of information that will make me a more complete security event organizer."

"Best possible job in 2 days. I would like to attend a longer course on similar material."

"Love it. One of the best classes I've ever been in. Far exceeded my expectations."