Red Teaming & Penetration Testing

The only way to measure return on investment in security is through red teaming!

The cost of being unprepared can prove alarmingly high! To insure that your facilities are well-protected and secure, it is essential to test your procedures, personnel and security framework.

Chameleon assembles an impartial and objective team to access your vulnerabilities through the eyes of your adversary.

Red Teaming Training By Chameleon Associates

Our red teaming and penetration testing services can be offered as part of a holistic security quality assurance and training program. It can also be provided as a one-time or periodic assessment of your security system.

Here is what makes our red teaming and penetration testing service an invaluable resources for our clients:

  • We don't only focus on the execution phase of the crime (i.e. penetration testing) but rather test the security system's ability to identify hostile surveillance and information gathering.
  • All of our red team reports are stored and submitted to the client on our proprietary Guardian by Chameleon™ platform.
  • We make sure to debrief and train the officers/employees after the red team is concluded.
  • We red team all security-related operations including loading dock operations, deliveries and mail-room operations, access authorization, effectiveness of security technology, data security, handling of trash and more.
  • We stick to rigid safety protocols that allows us to simulate the adversary realistically while keeping everyone involved safe.
  • We have unparalleled experience in this field delivering 40-70 red team exercises daily.

Interested In A Red Team Or Penetration Testing Assessment?

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Our red teaming and penetration testing services have been provided to government & military installations, large public venues, schools, medical facilities and labs, manufacturing plants, courthouses, airports, office buildings and museums.