Cyber Security

Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

Unlike cyber security consultants who focus only on the technical, Chameleon offers a holistic approach that fuses together physical security, the human element and technological expertise.

It's a natural complement to our existing menu of quality assurance security services.


Too Little, Too Late

Too often, IT security is haphazard.  It’s applied like band aids only after a hack or breach, versus being proactive and holistic.  Threats are constantly changing, literally from hour to hour.  This makes it critical that detection, tracking and assessment is ongoing.

Lloyd’s of London has warned that a serious cyber-attack could cost the global economy more than $120 billion.  Smaller to medium sized companies are not immune - they constitute 50% of the attacks. Data breaches across all sectors effected 30 million records in 2016.  Can you afford not to be prepared?

How do you know you are safe?

Quality Assurance is well known in manufacturing but is in fact applicable to any system.  Penetration testing or what Chameleon calls red teaming is the gold standard tool for assuring that a system is working correctly.  It’s the best way to identify potential loopholes and deficiencies be they technological or human.

How we Work

Chameleon offers cyber security quality assurance services that are unique in the marketplace.  In addition to the technical services, Chameleon conducts training – we know how to train and we know how important a component it is in an effective security system.

  • Initial Threat & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Ongoing Penetration Testing - Red Teaming
  • Awareness Training for all Personnel
  • Human Engineering
  • Online Presence and Social Media Monitoring

Need Help Protecting Against Cyber Threats?

Let us help you with a tailored made solution!

Cyber Consultants

Chameleon cyber security consultants are the best in the business, with white hat, ethical hacking backgrounds and a deep rooted proactive, threat-oriented perspective.