Learn how to maximize your CCTV Operations 

Too often, CCTV is used more as a crutch than a connected part of an overall security mission.  But CCTV can be used proactively to enhance security.

This unique online course teaches users how to better use CCTV, what exactly to be looking for and, why.  Control Room personnel improve their skill sets and shift their mindsets to think outside the box - from the adversary's point of view.

Using case studies and interactive scenarios, our online course begins with a quick overview of the various CCTV applications including industry usage history and anticipated trends.  Included:

  • How has CCTV evolved?
  • How to apply proactive threat assessment methods to a CCTV environment.
  • What to look for and why - as it relates to your specific security requirements.
  • Challenges to maintaining vigilance in the Control Room.
  • Threat mitigation techniques.
  • Suspicious indicator detection.
  • Reporting and communication protocols.
  • CCTV as an investigative tool.
  • Understanding and adapting to the natural limitations of CCTV.

Get Professional Education (CPEs) credit with Chameleon Associates' courses from ASIS.

User Features

Chameleon's CCTV Online course uses a variety of learning tools and resources that allow students/users to get a real feel for the methods. These tools include:

  • Video simulations
  • Interactive exercises
  • Interactive quizzes and test
  • Detailed case studies
  • A detailed interactive glossary of terms
  • Interface allows students to easily navigate the material
  • Ability to take the course at your own pace
  • Course is 1 to 1.5 hours long
  • Print your own certificate of completion
  • A course survey

Administrative Features

Clients who want to manage and track their users enjoy the advanced features of our online Learning Management System. As a client who administers the course to others, you will be able to track your learners' progress and test scores and communicate with the learners through the LMS.


No. of UsersCost per UserExpirationContact
1$6930 daysGreen Checkmark


2-10$596 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
11-40$496 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
41-100$396 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
101-500$296 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
501-1,000$196 monthsGreen
(888) 343-4100
1,001 +$9one yearGreen
(888) 343-4100

Customization Options

Contact us if you would like to customize this course to your organization's specific needs. Here are some customization options that we can provide:

  • Add or omit content to the course
  • Brand the course to include your own logo, theme, color and design
  • Add a forum where your students can discuss the topics
  • Create your own links to specific information you want your students to know about

System Requirements

High speed internet connection.

Web browser.

Speakers or earphones.

Here are some of the corporate and government clients that purchased an organizational license for this course:

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"This course serves as a good orientation for new Security Officers in a Security Operations Center and annual refresher training. Allows for the security officer to learn how to identify suspicious activity and how to reports threats internally and to law enforcement."

"The course provided me with several CCTV practices that I was unaware of before."

"I feel the CCTV course is a good on-line course which will provide SOC operators basic orientation on the importance of a SOC, what to look for, situational awareness and basic steps on how to identify & record suspicious activity.  The hypothetical scenarios are interactive whereby it forces the user to click and identify threats in the videos the course provides in the modules."

"It was a good learning course."

"This CCTV online training is just what we were looking for. There’s plenty of courses around on the technical side, but nothing for security. This is well done and fits the bill perfectly. Thanks!"