School Security


Chameleon Associates is a dependable partner in school security.

    • We offer unique, measurable, impactful solutions.
    • Caring, Unity and Outreach are key to effective security. After all, you protect what you care about and feel safer when the whole community acts together.
    • The Law Enforcement perspective is to focus on how a campus should look when police are called in. We far prefer to create doubt in the mind of an adversary, so they never attack.
    • Our approach is holistic. It involves physical assessment in conjunction with increasing security awareness across the school community.
    • We go well beyond See Something, Say Something to empower people to know what to look out for.
    • We focus on mitigating threat (winning) versus only response (losing well).
    • Security needs to fit the culture of the school.

Watch the video below to learn about the Chameleon Associates' approach to School Security:


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