Religious Institution Security

We help religious organizations prevent threats against their congregations, facilities and communities

Balancing Worship & Security

According to the FBI, hate crimes are on the rise, making security at religious institutions a growing priority.  Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and the like are all targets where potential violence against members and property must be mitigated. Chameleon offers effective security solutions that support our clients' requirements.

Church Security

Security Assessment

We start by conducting a thorough Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. This involves a thorough physical inspection of the grounds and surrounding neighborhood, speaking with everyone with a security or emergency response function, and identifying any holes in the security system as a whole. We review emergency plans and procedures, and the client's security SOP. In conjunction with administrators, we establish a comprehensive Risk Matrix.

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A clear, complete report with pictures and explanations of our findings, as well as detailed recommendations.

Attaining effective and efficient security doesn't happen overnight. It is a process. In the second stage of our services we assist our client step-by-step to bring its security up to an acceptable standard. We vet and train security staff, conduct table top exercises for administration and if need be also talk to congregants. We make recommendations for technology solutions and vet the vendors should new equipment be required.

This ongoing security support is retainer-based; not off a boilerplate menu. Each client gets what it needs, when they need it.

We have worked with many religious institutions providing them with training and quality assurance and security consulting and management services. Here are some of them: