Humint Training

Don't be in the dark until it's too late - know what your adversary is planning with HUMINT Training

Collection of usable, timely intel is key in the war on terror. Infiltration of terrorist cells helps us locate terrorist threats and their arena of activity; the knowledge of terrorist leaders and their whereabouts can assist in defeating their violent political objectives. The key to the success in intelligence operations lies in the operator's ability to recruit and operate human sources.


To do so, operators must know the culture, practices and internal politics of the organization targeted for infiltration. That's where HUMINT Training comes in.

Towards this aim of obtaining usable intelligence and turning it into useful knowledge and proactive countermeasures, Chameleon Associates is pleased to offer a course for intelligence and law enforcement officers, which emphasizes the human element in the intelligence gathering arena.

Customized to Your Environment

Chameleon’s HUMINT Training is applicable to any situation - from corporate espionage to the mitigation of a terrorist threat. If you have special needs, the course can be built for your specific environment and resources.

This course covers the following topics:

    • Principles and skills of human intelligence
    • Interrogation, questioning and debriefing tactics
    • Direction of intelligence gathering
    • Methods of intelligence collection
    • The processing and interpretation of information gathered
    • Distribution of relevant information to employees/agents in the field
    • The role of the fusion cell

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Intelligence courses have been delivered to many organizations all over the world. here are some of them:

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Who should take this course?

Security managers and law enforcement, intelligence analysts, homeland security and defense personnel.

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