Museum Security

Chameleon provides security consulting and training services to some of the world's most renowned museums

Security programs at museums require a delicate balance between allowing uninterrupted public access  on the one hand and, the need to protect often priceless artifacts on the other. Tasked with the difficult mission of securing iconic and irreplaceable artwork, archaeology and historical artifacts, Security Directors must find ways to proactively prevent threats and mitigate risks. Chameleon has been helping some of the world's most important museums to achieve this objective.

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'Here are some of the museum security projects Chameleon has been retained to deliver:

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Museum clients typically ask Chameleon to provide a comprehensive Threat, Risk and Vulnerability assessment which includes but is not limited to these areas:

  • Ability to prevent or reduce the likelihood of active shooter situations and terrorist attacks at the museum.
  • Ability to prevent theft of artifacts from the museum.
  • Physical security assessment of the museum in terms of technology and equipment used to protect assets.
  • Prevent political vandalism against the art or the museum.
  • Prevent leakage of information from the Museum via insider threat, social engineering or cyber attacks.
  • Security skill gap analysis of security officers, managers and staff.
  • Security procedures gap analysis.
  • Ability to respond to an incident that has already occurred.
  • Protecting traveling exhibitions to countries and regions with high crime.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in OPSEC.
  • Study and assess the security command structure.
  • Assess return on investment mechanism for expenditure son security.
  • Evaluate the prioritization of security budget allocations.
  • Customer service issues.
Museum Security By Chameleon Associates

Here is a shortlist of some of our museum clients: