Corporate Security Training

Training Empowers staff to Make Their Working Environment More Secure

Chameleon offers corporate security training programs for security professionals that expand the threat mitigation capabilities of the organization and allow it to better meet its business and security objectives.  Training leverages resources and allows employees to be a part of a solution.


Chameleon offers instruction and insight in a wide range of topics that include the following:

Corporate Training in Security By Chameleon Associates


Chameleon designs and develops corporate security training programs for clients in the areas of security and threat mitigation. Chameleon experts design tailor-made training programs that  increase employee security awareness or, hone security skills for specific target audiences. Our team helps the client develop the curriculum, graphically designs the CBT course and integrates the course into a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) which enables interactive learning and is compatible with every mobile device, computer or browser.

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Securing assets, people and information is the responsibility of every organization’s leadership. Chameleon helps executives to fully understand the threats around them and to identify cost effective solutions to mitigate or prevent those threats.

Our subject matter experts facilitate boardroom discussions on security-related issues in a way that allows decision makers to make intelligent and informed decisions about threats and risk management.

Corporate Security Training By Chameleon Associates

We also conduct “adversarial workshops” for managers and executives using guided table-top simulations that allow them to pinpoint their own organization’s vulnerabilities.