Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Training

Learn how to Conduct TRV Assessments

There is a lot involved in conducting a thorough and meaningful TRVA; we know this - as security consultants, it's our business.

TRVs are an important basis for managing and improving a security system and when done right, are a great tool. They are vital to security resource deployment, evaluation of procedures and technology, drafting an effective Request for Proposal.

Security professionals often need to look at their organization as a consultant would - reviewing the security systems threats, risks and vulnerabilities. This course will teach you how it's done.

Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment

This course can be customized for a specific industry or organization. In the past, this course has been provided to judicial organizations that wanted to develop a better strategy for assessing court security across the country. We have also provided this course as a seminar that brought in a multi disciplinary audience of security managers representing airports, central banks, critical infrastructure, hospitality and health care sectors.

When is a TRV needed?

  • For deploying security resources
  • If hiring or firing personnel
  • To evaluate procedures, technology and needs
  • For drafting a Request for Proposal
  • When asked to explain potential risk, threats or vulnerabilities

Course Agenda includes:

  • Methodology and process of TRVAs
  • Threat Perception and need for TRVA
  • Nature of Threat
  • Means of Aggression
  • Improve your ability to identify threats
  • Assessing and Mapping Threats
  • Vulnerability and Risk
  • Closing Skill Gaps
  • Security Quality Assurance
  • Security Management Challenges and Strategies
  • How to professionally present your findings

Who Should Attend?

Security Managers, Supervisors and Directors from the private, public and military sectors can all benefit from this training.


Establishing Security Benchmarks

A key element in a security assessment is to provide the benchmark against which a security system is being evaluated. The benchmark is informed by regulators,by customers, management but most importantly it is governed by the adversary. A key part of the Chameleon methodology presented in the course is how to evaluate a security system from an adversarial point of view while still addressing regulations, laws, customers, and operations as influencing factors.

Security Benchmark

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