OUR MISSION: To Be Exceptional

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Chameleon has trained thousands of security professionals from across the globe in Proactive Threat Assessment (Predictive Profiling), Anti-Terrorism Tactics, HUMINT Operations, Security Questioning and more. Our alumni work as security, law enforcement and intelligence professionals in a wide range of sectors, across the globe.

Chameleon courses alumni share a desire to learn effective security and intelligence tools that simply are not available elsewhere. Their collective mission is to elevate their own skill sets and in doing so, the caliber of security where they work.

Many of our alumni attended our open seminars and then chose to bring our customized courses in-house to train their staff members.

We keep in touch with our alumni through our weekly newsletters, providing information about Chameleon, our upcoming seminars as well as commentary about current events in areas of security, intelligence and law enforcement. To register for Chameleon's newsletter click here.


Since 2006, attendees have been joining us in Israel to learn first hand about how Israel conducts security. While doing so, they develop new and lasting ties to colleagues from around the world. Below are some group pictures of our Israel seminars alumni.