Muky (2)

Muky Cohen / Founder - President

Muky has decades of experience in security management, design and consulting. A veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces Special Airborne Combat Engineering Platoon, he later joined the Israel Security Agency as a security agent protecting Israeli assets in Europe and the Merchant Marine. In 1984, he opened a security company in Los Angeles dedicated to providing high level executive protection services. In 1992, he launched the Chameleon Group, specializing in high-end investigation services. Now Chameleon Associates is a brand leader in security consulting and anti-terrorism training for private and public clients, worldwide.

Amotz-Brandes-20142 (2)

Amotz Brandes / Managing Partner

Amotz began his career in an Israeli Defense Forces Special Forces Reconnaissance Unit. Later, he joined El Al Airlines as a Security Agent & Profiler. In 2002, he established Chameleon’s Training Department in the wake of 9/11, and has since been training private, public and military sectors in Predictive Profiling, Security Questioning, Insider Threat, Proactive Security and more. For over a decade, he has managed security projects for clients in various industries including; aviation, mass transit, schools and universities, government facilities, manufacturing plants, retail and much more. Amotz has BA Degree in Intl. Development Studies at UCLA.

Allon-Knetrmann-20141 (2)

Allon Knetemann / Director - Europe

Allon began his career at JKC where he was in charge of day-to-day security operations as well as emergency preparedness and procedures. Subsequently, he was brought on as an expert instructor for a Security Organization to deal with specific threats at various locations and events, for the creation and deployment of both overt and covert measures and where he had full responsibility for the operational execution of security plans. He studied Information Technology and Security at Fox-IT, and Human Technology at Hanzehogeshool Groningen. He speaks Dutch and English fluently.

kim (2)

Kim Langton / Director - Australia & New Zealand

Kim is Managing Director of Chameleon Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd. Kim has over 30 years security and emergency services experience, including service with the Royal Australian Navy, Queensland Fire and Ambulance Services and has held senior management positions in Australian security and hospitality industries. Kim has trained Chameleon clients in Asia and South Pacific for the last 10 years. He has specific expertise in the hospitality industry, holding Security and Safety Management positions with the Sheraton and Accor hotel groups and Corporate Security Manager - Papua New Guinea region, for the Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation.

Avi Katz Mgmt Team

Avi Katz / Senior Consultant & Trainer

Avi has decades of hands-on experience in aviation security, intelligence operations, behavioral observation techniques, security management and training. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Golani Brigade, and later as a GSS Field Intelligence involved in clandestine intelligence operations, HUMINT source operations, and counterterrorism and counter espionage activities. Clients he has worked with include World Trade Center, U.S. Army and L.A. Sheriff. He earned a BA in Political Science from Haifa University and an MBA from Beer Sheva University. He is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, English and German.

Dubi-Paz (2)

Dr. Don Paz / Clinical Psychology Consultant

Dr. Paz is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) where he served as a Military Intelligence officer. After honorable discharge, he worked as an organizational psychology consultant.  Since moving to the U.S., Dr. Paz has worked as a neuropsychologist for various agencies and in private practice. These roles included heading a 98-bed psychiatric unit inside a high security prison. Dr. Paz specializes in Forensic Psychology.  Since joining Chameleon, he has conducted psychological profiling in cases involving high net worth clients and celebrities.  His academic research background is in stress management and high performance decision making. Dr. Paz has co-authored several research papers published in American Psychological Association (APA) journals.  He received his M.A. in Organizational and Social Psychology from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and his Ph.D in Clinical and Neuropsychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

Sara_Karibian1 (2)

Sara McEathron/ Director - Security Quality Assurance Manager & Trainer

Sara Karibian has 20 years in the private security industry ranging from supervising and training teams to protecting diplomats in austere environments. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Sara has served in two foreign wars, provided relief for hurricane victims in El Salvador, and trained Zervany in Northern Iraq as a private contractor for the Department of State. She has an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration. Sara has been a manager with Chameleon Associates since 2014, training and enhancing the overall quality of security services for clients in Texas.

Peter_Crabbe-e1448827956986 (2)

Peter Crabbe / Senior Consultant & Trainer

Peter began his career with the Illinois Department of Corrections as a probation officer. After moving to Los Angeles, he provided security for Wavelength, a Malibu-based addiction center. Later he served in an executive protection role providing security for prominent CEOs and their families. He has also been involved in under-cover investigations, coordinating with the DOJ, gathering intel, and conducting surveillance in an 18-month investigation netting several arrests and convictions. At Chameleon, Peter helps manage our red team program for academic clients, as well as conducts security training and threat assessments. He earned a B.A. in Communications with honors from Principia College.

Mark_Randol (2)

Mark Randol/ Security & Intelligence Consultant & Trainer

Mark has over 35 years of military and civil service ranging from assignments with the USAF in Asia and Europe, to working at the NSA, with Army Intelligence Staff at the Pentagon and as Director of Counterterrorism Policy at DHS. At theTSA, he was a civil aviation security manager and at the FAA an Intelligence Analyst. As a Senior Specialist in domestic intelligence and counter terrorism at the CRS he provided Congress with nonpartisan research and analysis. Mark earned his BA in Social Science at UC Berkeley and an MA in National Security Studies at Georgetown University. He currently teaches at EKU and at USC.

mark-staff-1024x1024 (2)

Marc Staff / Security Quality Assurance Manager &  Trainer

Marc began his career in law enforcement as a police officer at the U.S. Department of Energy. Later, he worked as a Deputy Sheriff for Colorado Country, TX and then moved to the Surfside Beach PD. In 2011, he joined a security company as a training and field ops director. He has specialized training in a wide range of weapons and is a certified firearms instructor. Marc studied Law Enforcement Technology at Rio Salado College. Marc serves as a Chameleon Security Quality Assurance Manager and Trainer in Texas and is our lead for all tactical training.

Simon_Wurms (2)

Simon Wurms / Security Quality Assurance & Trainer

Simon’s career began in security high-risk facilities. For over twenty years, he has put proactive security methods, knowledge of physical security measures and counter intel to work. In 2012, he was asked to provide training in Security Questioning, Proactive Threat Assessment, Red Teaming, Krav Maga and more for high level governmental clients in Europe.

In 2013, he joined Chameleon as a SQAM working for both government and private sector clients. Simon is fluent in Dutch and English.


David Otte / Security Quality Assurance Manager & Trainer

David served over 32 years with the Massachusetts State Police and worked in a wide variety of assignments from patrol, investigations, supervision, and upper management. He was in Internal Affairs for 5 years before promotion to Commandant of the Academy where he oversaw the department's technical services and then the it’s disciplinary, promotional, and background investigation processes. David has an MBA from Bentley University, and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Western New England University. He also attended Session 202 of the FBI National Academy and the Harvard Kennedy School program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government.

harold-stivala (2)

Harold Stivala / Security Quality Assurance Manager & Trainer

Harold Stivala has over 27 years’ experience as an Army Officer in the Armed Forces of Malta. He has led Airport Security, Maritime and Infantry units and was an Operations Officer for maritime law enforcement and search and rescue operations. As a Colonel, he was also responsible for training, logistics and long term procurement. He was appointed CEO of the Humanitarian Hub during the 2011 Libyan Crisis.  Mr. Stivala was the Physical Security Manager at De La Rue Currency in Malta.  He is a Graduate of the Infantry Advanced Course at Fort Benning, Georgia, took the European Security and Defence Policy High Level Course and attended the Italian Joint Staff College in Rome.

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Felix Simon V

Lock Smithers / Security Quality Assurance Manager & Trainer

Mr. Smithers has over 11 years’ law enforcement experience with the Queensland Police Service.  As Detective, he conducted complex investigations in homicide, fraud and drug trafficking.  After retiring, he worked for the U.S. Department of State at the  Embassy in Stockholm as a Security Coordinator responsible for managing guard forces, physical security surveys and upgrades, SOPs, training, and high level dignitary protection.  For the last three years, Mr. Smithers has been the Security Manager for Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm, Sweden’s only international casino.  Mr. Smithers graduated with high honors from the Queensland Police Service Academy.

Felix Simon / Security Quality Assurance Manager & Trainer

Felix began his career in the military and has a wide variety of experience ranging from small unit infantry tactics to Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection.  A U.S. Air Force veteran, Felix served in a rapidly deployed Security Forces unit where he specialized in weapons and tactics over the course of four overseas deployments operating both with sister services and coalition nations.  He served as in instructor for the PACAF Security Forces Regional Training Center. He was also twice assigned to security details in support of POTUS.  Felix has an A.S. in Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Aviation.

Anna (2)

Anna Polishuk / Business Development Manager

Anna began her career as a business analyst, working for decades in the financial and entertainment industries.  In 2002, she joined Chameleon’s ranks where today her focus is on growing the business and generally getting the word out.  Anna earned her MA in Journalism and International Studies at the University of Florida. She is conversant in French, Hebrew and Spanish.