Security ConsultingThe Chameleon Group, Inc. began back in 1992

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the overwhelming increase in international terrorist activities, the Chameleon Group decided to expand its counter-terrorism consulting and training branch. Chameleon Associates emerged as a consulting and training branch of Chameleon Group in 2004. The growth, success and increased market recognition of this offshoot resulted in re-branding the Chameleon Group, Inc. under the name Chameleon Associates.

Our growing list of channel partners have allowed us to provide value-added solutions in a wide number of market sectors and client locations. Our expansion has included opening branches:

In 2006, Chameleon Associates opened another satellite office in Sydney, Australia to provide security consulting services in Australia and the South Pacific region

In 2014, Chameleon opened Chameleon Associates Europe Bv , in the Netherlands, to supply training and consulting in security across Europe and the European Union.

While headquartered in Los Angeles, we have Affiliates supporting Chameleon clients across the globe

Chameleon Industries Served

Chameleon today is a recognized name for cutting edge training and consulting services. We work with international agencies, federal governments and local law enforcement from around the world. We also provide on-going security management services and red team services to corporate and non-profit clients who need to tap into the specialized knowledge and worldwide network that Chameleon offers.

Our aim is to continue to expand the potential of our threat mitigation solutions, delivering training, security design and consulting that help organizations in all business and government sectors make more knowledgeable decisions and reduce their risks.