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Chameleon brings a unique, no nonsense approach to school security that begins with a study of the adversary's capabilities against the school. In providing school security consulting and training services we take into consideration each school's individual needs. We offer sensible and do-able security solutions that mesh with our clients' organizational culture and their practical constraints.

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We start by conducting a thorough Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment. This involves a physical inspection of the school grounds and surrounding neighborhood, speaking with everyone with a security or emergency response function who works at the school, and identifying any holes in the security system as a whole.

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We review emergency plans and procedures, and the school's security SOP. In conjunction with school administrators, we establish a comprehensive Risk Matrix.

The deliverable at the end of this phase is a clear, complete report with pictures and explanations of our findings, as well as detailed recommendations.

Attaining effective and efficient security doesn't happen overnight. It is a process. In the second stage of our services, we assist our client school step-by-step to bring its security up to an acceptable standard. We vet and train security staff, conduct table top exercises for faculty and if need be also talk to parents and kids. We make recommendations for technology solutions and vet the vendors should new equipment be required.

This ongoing security support is retainer-based; not off a boilerplate menu. Each school gets what it needs, when they need it.

We have been working with many schools and educational institutions providing them with training and quality assurance and security consulting and management services.

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School Security Clients


"I highly recommend Chameleon Associates to any school district who values student and staff safety and will do everything they can to make every staff member feel safe. That is what Peter Crabbe from Chameleon Associates has provided to La Cañada Unified School District from the first day of service with us.

I am so happy we entered into a contract with Chameleon Associates. Peter has done an outstanding job for us and we are grateful for our ongoing relationship and support."

Anais Wenn
Associate Superintendent of Educational Services


"...We personally chose to work with Chameleon Associates because they were the only security assessment company who were not in the business of selling us their own security solutions. Chameleon Associates specializes in one thing, to partner with the school to offer sensible and do-able security recommendations and solutions that match the school's mission and culture considering the school's practical constraints.

Chameleon Associates started by conducting a thorough threat, risk and vulnerability assessment. They requested security procedure information from the school and conducted a one-day physical inspection of the school grounds and surrounding neighborhood, speaking with everyone with a security or emergency response roll who works at the school, and identified any weaknesses in our security system.

The end product was a a clear, thoughtful report with detailed recommendations.

We also engaged Chameleon Associates during the summer for a one-day training seminar with our entire faculty and staff members. The purpose of the seminar was to empower our members to be proactive and prepared when it comes to actual threats on campus.

It has been our pleasure to work with Chameleon Associates. They have exceeded our expectations and we feel like they have been our partners in delivering a better and comprehensive security system at our school. I highly recommend Chameleon associates."

Vincent E. Downey, Head of School
Calvary Christian School

davidmarcus"Chameleon Associates has been providing our school with security consulting and oversight services since 2009. The work includes threat and vulnerability assessments, screening, testing and training of our contracted guard service, system design and configuration (and vendor vetting), SOP design and more.

Chameleon makes sure the guards are up to our institution's standards, constantly educated and red teamed. Holes that are discovered are not only corrected but used as learning opportunities for our security staff. Chameleon comes with highly credible and extensive professional background and a "who's who" of domestic and international clients. I feel safer because of our association with Chameleon and am greatly appreciative for all that they do and will continue to do for our school and community in the future."

David M., Business Manager
de Toledo High School