Guardian by Chameleon

A proprietary software to Manage Performance in Security Operations


  • lack of good oversight
  • lack of solid training
  • inconsistent follow up

To this end, Chameleon conducts Quality Assurance programs for various clients who value our input and know it’s not enough to simply hire physical security officers.  They need close oversight and guidance.


Guardian by Chameleon™ is a proprietary application we created that helps us to track, report and follow up on security officer activity at our clients’ locations.  Knowing what’s going on in the field is critical to improving and maintaining great security.  If you don’t know what’s wrong, how can you fix it?  Having well-trained security officers is key.  Officers who fully understand their mission, are aware, supported and motivated are going to do the best job in the field for our clients.

Using Guardian by Chameleon™  begins with the Quality Assurance Manager/Trainer conducting an on-site inspection.

INSPECTIONS - Here goes findings on uniform and appearance, equipment but most importantly Performance.  In addition to regular inspections, we also conduct Red Teams.  On the spot training and refreshers are conducted as needed. Every aspect of the inspection is graded and tracked.

TRACKER - Clients, Security Company personnel and of course our SQAMs can come here to review,  edit, print our or email an inspection report.  It's a tool for communicating what's happening in the field with everyone who needs to know.

STATISTICS - Seeing data graphically displayed is helpful for getting a feel for how things are going. These graphs show inspection results over time and help us and our clients see the whole picture.

Guardian By Chameleon Menu

LOCATIONS - All client location, post and post hours information is listed here, for the convenience of all stakeholders.

CONTACT  -  Basic contact information for everyone involved on an account: clients, security company, administrators.   Need to talk to a Supervisor but can't find their number?   It's here in Guardian.

OFFICERS - All Officers' training  - with grades  - is tracked here. It's helpful to see an officer's training history;  an important component in performance.

Mobile Access

Our team members can access Guardian by Chameleon™ from their mobile phone, tablet and of course from any computer – the system is fully dynamic.

Clearly, being able to input data in the field - in real time - is a valuable bonus.



How are we doing this Quarter?

How are officers performing?

Where are there deficiencies?

At a glance, under the Statistics module users can see graphic depictions of metrics for inspections, red teams and officers.


Each user has a private login that allows them to see what's going on in real time. Users may edit their profile and passwords. Team members have access to Contact information, across the board.

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