Securing Buildings & Communities

Chameleon Helps Property Management Companies Overcome Security Challenges In Commercial Properties & Residential Communities

Property management firms hire Chameleon for a wide range of security consulting and training services. We help develop security programs for retail malls, high rise buildings, iconic landmarks, closed residential communities and mixed-use properties. We understand keenly the business of property management. Our recommended security solutions always take into account operational and commercial constraints, the client's regulatory environment and the culture of the residents, tenants and/or customers.

Skyscrapers against blue sky in downtown Melbourne, Australia

Here are some of the services and projects Chameleon has delivered to property management companies:

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Over the years, Chameleon has consulted, trained and developed security programs and systems for some of the most iconic buildings in the world.

Our unique ability to address and augment the human element of security (officers, procedures, training, proactive threat assessment, etc.) and mitigate threats in seemingly "open environments" is one of the reasons we arechosen over our competitors. We understand that every effective security system is reliant on technology, people and procedures. And while technology is a major contributor to building/property security, it will ultimately fail if security officers and staff are not equipped with the procedures, skills sets and the ability to detect, determine and deploy.

Here are some of our property managment clients: