Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Seminar – Las Vegas May 7-8, 2024

Learn the art and science of assessing threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Security Managers often need to look at their organization through the eyes of a consultant – to conduct an objective, holistic review your security system for threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Our approach emphasizes the adversary and ways for building a proactive system. Our trainers bring hands-on expertise to the classroom to teach you cutting edge methods and practices. We cover strategy, procedures, design, skill sets, building awareness, technology integration and more. We consider influencing factoring such as regulatory requirements, environment, budgets, culture and the threat perception of managers and customers, alike.

Students get a toolkit for getting buy-in for security solutions from employees, management and other stakeholders. And, this seminar also provides an opportunity to network, discuss and learn about our industry's current security challenges and solutions.

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Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV
The Signature Hotel and Spa
145 E Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89109


$845 Industry Fee
$745 Reduced fee with 4+ Attendees
$745 Government employees contact us to register

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You will learn:

  • Why an adversarial based TRV Assessment is the most effective.
  • Proactive methodology and step-by-step processes for assessing.
  • Ways to better identify threats and correlated suspicion indicators.
  • How to professionally present your findings.

When is a TRV needed?

  • For deploying security resources
  • If hiring or firing personnel
  • To evaluate procedures, technology and needs
  • For drafting a Request for Proposal
  • When asked to explain potential risk, threats or vulnerabilities

Establishing Security Benchmarks

TRVAs provide the benchmark against which a security system is being evaluated. The benchmark is informed by regulators, customers, management but most importantly it is governed by the adversary. A key part of the Chameleon methodology presented in this course is how to evaluate a security system from an adversarial point of view while still addressing your specific considerations.





Amotz Brandes

Mr. Brandes brings his vast TRVA expertise to the table, breaking down Chameleon's process into methods and perspectives that seminar students can use to approach TRVAs in their own professional spheres.

He began his career in an Israeli Defense Forces Special Forces Reconnaissance Unit.  During his military service he led recon and intelligence gathering teams on complex operations against terrorist organizations. After military service, he joined El AL Airlines where his role as profiler was to detect suspicious behaviors and contextual indicators among its passenger population, cargo and within the airline’s entire operational environment.  Amotz received special advanced training in explosives, concealment methods, cargo profiling, and surveillance detection.

In 2001, Mr. Brandes joined Chameleon Associates where post 9/11, interest in counterterrorism and aviation security spiked; to that end, he established their Training and Consulting department and developed programs in security engineering, Predictive Profiling, situational threat assessment and HUMINT and advanced security management.  Clients for these programs included private companies, law enforcement, government agencies, the military, not-for-profit organizations and security companies, all over the world.

Mr. Brandes has conducted countless Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments in all industry sectors be it aviation, manufacturing, schools, mass transit and museums. He has worked with the Van Gogh and Getty, the Central Bank of Netherlands, Vancouver International Airport, Amtrak Inspector General, Mall of America, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, Bank of Aruba, Boeing, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, the L.A. Sheriff, European Commission, Australian Federal Police and many, many more.

He earned his B.A. in International Development Studies from the University of California at Los Angeles.  He is fluent in English and Hebrew.


Security personnel be they in the private, law enforcement or government sectors will find value in this course.  The material benefits all industries to include Airport and Transit Hubs, Hotel and Tourism, Education, Museum and Concert/Sports venues, Office Building Managers, Mall and Retail, Residential communities and more.


Seminar attendees will receive a hard copy of the seminar multimedia presentation.