2021 Recap

Max hard at work

2021 was a good year for Chameleon. While Covid continues to raise challenges, it has also provided new opportunities. Some of our contracted clients switched from classroom to virtual training. Although we prefer the former, the latter has its benefits and has proven very successful.

In 2021, we helped government agencies address security issues related to their Covid response. This involved setting requirements for vendors, assessing supply chain logistics and finding vulnerabilities in the systems used to manage and control national Covid response efforts.

Max became the official Chameleon Headquarters mascot (which is arguably ironic given our company name but let’s face it, he’s adorable). Max is itching to be promoted to Director of K-9 Operations...

We expanded our threat assessment training and conducted a seminar in Aruba hosted by the Central Bank for security managers from government agencies, critical infrastructure, airports, ports and hospitality from the Caribbean.

We retained several new clients to whom we provide red teaming services in both South and North America as well as locations in Europe.

Chameleon conducted a number of specialized trainings for Executive Protection teams working for Home Offices both in the United States and abroad.

We have added many courses to our online suite. The latest? Home and Personal Safety.

Several international companies with locations in the U.S. have reached out to Chameleon during Covid, as their security managers were restricted for travel across borders. Chameleon stepped in to conduct security audits which would typically have been done inhouse.

As always, we continue to provide Threat, Risk and Vulnerability assessments for schools, museums, residential communities and faith-based organizations.

With an eye to 2022, we are getting involved in helping several organizations to implement Insider Threat programs. We are also engaged to start new projects around Hospitality Security and Insider Threat prevention.

Finally, we will continue to support our clients worldwide and look forward to sustained growth.

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