Manufacturing Plants Security

Chameleon works with manufacturers to protect facilities, supply chain, intellectual property & the products they create

Implementing a security plan for a manufacturing company requires a deep understanding of plant operations, logistics, warehousing, safety measures, labor relations, the regulatory environment and supply chain. We combine this knowledge with our intimate understanding of threats and security to deliver training, security quality assurance and consulting services to our clients in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing Plant Security By Chameleon Associates

We have worked with manufacturing plants all over the world. Here is a snapshot of some of the work we've done for clients in this industry:

  • Threat risk & vulnerability assessment for the largest battery manufacturer in the North America.
  • Security assessment for all regional warehouses of a major US manufacturers to increase loss prevention.
  • Assessment of international logistics operations of high valued goods shipments.
  • Insider Threat training for the security department of a major a US defense contractor and manufacturer.
  • Undercover investigation to uncover multi-million dollar theft ring operating from within the company.
  • Security Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) design and development for plant security operations.
  • Review and advise on mail and cargo security operations.
  • Consulting on Loss Prevention strategies.
  • Training for hundreds of security officers and security managers working for retail companies.
  • Ongoing security quality assurance services for several manufacturing corporations.
  • Establishing performance criteria and certification for contracted security officers.
  • Red Teaming and penetration testing services at plants, data centers and warehouses.
  • Consultation and support with vulnerabilities in supply chain operations.
  • Delivered hundreds of online courses to security officers and front line staff working in access control and front line positions.

How can we help you to improve your plant security?

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Here are some of our clients in the manufacturing sector: