International Travel Security Services

International Travel Security

International travel can be complicated, and filled with unforeseen risks, threat and uncertainties.

International Travel Security / Travel Security - Chameleon’s worldwide network of security professionals provides guidance, security and emergency response as part of your international travel plan. We help executives, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals make the most out of their international business/leisure trip by providing them with A to Z security support around the glob.

Our international travel security support includes:
  • Threat and risk assessment of your itinerary with recommendations on where to and where not to go.
  • Intelligence briefing while you travel to let you know about foreseeable threats and obstacles such as natural disasters and weather alerts, political instability, labor strikes, etc
  • High-end satellite communication technology, GPS locators and international phones.
  • Secure ground, sea and air transportation by trusted contractors and thoroughly vetted security staff.
  • Personal protection agents to escort you throughout your travels.
  • Emergency contacts of trusted locals in the countries you visit.
  • Emergency and medical evacuation plans.

Whatever your travel needs maybe Chameleon insures your peace of mind and comfort and enables you to conduct your business or leisure in a smooth and secure manner.

Please contact us for more information about our secure international travel services.