Maintaining a safe and secure environment for its employees, contractors and customers is critical to the success of the company. To this end, security officers working at any protected environment must be equipped with the necessary tools and skills to proactively recognize and respond to terrorist/criminal activity before it is realized.  They must have the knowledge and the mindset to deter would be terrorists/criminals while being hospitable and welcoming to legitimate customers and patrons.

To be successful in mitigating crime, security officers should follow these security functions:

  • Work based on a proactive security SOP that employs a process of detect, determine and deploy procedures.
  • Officers must possess the skill, ability and willingness to proactively detect, approach and mitigate suspicion or threat.
  • All security officers must be red teamed (drilled) on an ongoing basis to evaluate their effectiveness and the system’s effectiveness in detecting suspicion indicators, determining threat and responding to it.
  • All security officers must be drilled on an ongoing basis to evaluate and train the team’s readiness to a variety of emergencies.
  • The training and involvement of non-security staff members in security enhances the ability to detect and deter crime and terrorism before it is committed.

To successfully achieve the above outlined security functions, companies and agencies should implement an ongoing Security Quality Assurance and Security Training Program as:

  • Developing a Standard Operating Procedure (Post Order).
  • Developing a customized training program based on the SOP to address proactive threat mitigation skills needed by all security and non-security staff members.
  • Delivering training for all security officers based on the customized training program.
  • Conduct security awareness training for non-staff members.
  • Conduct red teaming and inspections of officers using role players (security QA).

We strongly believe good security is a function of continuous skill development, effective procedures and the integration of appropriate technology.

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