Northern Cape Challenge


This winter, Chameleon Associates is taking a proactive stance.

Rather than wait for Santa to arrive, we are going to him.




A Dutch Chameleon Associates team departs on December 8th for the Arctic Circle; the trek is in support of an International Red Cross initiative to bring together families separated by war and disaster.

The Northern Cape [Nordkapp] Challenge is a 2 week-long car trip, starting and ending in the Netherlands where Chameleon has offices.

The Chameleon crew is named The Red Team – a salute to one of the critical security services we provide. Simulated adversarial testing or red teaming, is key to insuring effective security and a tool Chameleon promotes at every turn in the road.

Allon Knetemann, Director – Chameleon Associates Europe

Driving a former Fire Department cruiser, the Chameleon team will be on fire! As unstoppable as our puns. They’ll be driving through snow covered fjords and around icy glaciers northward to glimpse the midnight sun and aurora borealis.

Not only for adventure and fun, the trek’s charitable mission is helping to reunite parents and children separated in war and disaster areas. Around the world, over 4 million family members have lost track of each other through calamity or conflict. Over the last two years, more than 30,000 search requests have been registered with the Red Cross. Search requests for children have increased by 20 percent. To contribute to the cause, link here. (Donations will be attributed to Chameleon’s Red Team.)

For more information about the trek link here, and to view a live tracker of our team’s progress as they drive to the Northern Cape, link here:   The tracker is provided by Tedas, a video and data security technology company, trek sponsor and partner.

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  1. Gidi Brandes on November 21, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Have a wonderful trip! And send us pictures …..

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