Healthcare Security Consulting and Training

Chameleon helps the healthcare industry address security challenges & provide a safe environment.

Our clients include government healthcare agencies, hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and blood banks. For each of those clients, we help establish security programs to enable them to conduct research and deliver care with peace of mind. Maintaining an open and caring healthcare environment is not inconsistent with good security. Or clients in the healthcare industry use our security expertise to achieve both objectives.

Hospital Security By Chameleon Associates

We have helped to train medical staff, security managers and administrators on best practices in healthcare security and emergency response. We also helped to assess and design systems and procedures to mitigate risks to health institutions and the public they serve.

Over the years we have been engaged by hospital networks, biomedical firms, and government agencies to provide training and consulting services. Here is a snapshot of some of the work we have provided:

  • Conducted training for security managers, administrators and medical staff in hospitals around the world.
  • Provide due diligence and screening for employees, vendors and contractors.
  • Consulted health ministries on secure logistics and distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Threat Risk & Vulnerability assessment for several bio medical firms.
  • Red Teaming and penetration testing for secure labs.
  • Security audits and assessments for labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.
  • Delivered courses to first responders on mass casualty treatment and hospital preparedness.
  • Delivered Proactive Threat Assessment and Security Questioning classes to security and police officers responsible for protecting medical campuses and hospitals.
  • Provided training for security executives of hospitals in Israel.
  • Delivered online courses for hundreds of security officers working to protect medical facilities and hospitals.

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