"Over the years, my team has had the pleasure of receiving training from Mr. Amotz Brandes and it has always been greatly beneficial. Chameleon Associates and Mr. Brandes bring a unique perspective when dealing with not only responding to a threat, but the recognition of a potential threat before it manifests itself. Our curriculum at Combat Hunter is based on enhancing situational awareness and observing for behavioral indicators of threat before an incident. Because of the parallels and similarities, Mr. Brandes’ approach and insight was utilized directly in a number of our classes to include Tactical Questioning, Terrorist Planning Cycle, and Criminal and Insurgent Networks. The cadre here at Combat Hunter would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Amotz Brandes and his organization to anyone charged with security, whether you operate in a corporate, law enforcement or military environment. As a great pre or post training to our Combat Hunter Program, this training is definitely benefit added."

Mr. Yousef Badou/Course Chief, Combat Hunter Program
School of Infantry – West, AIT Bn
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA

"I am a Sergeant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Last year at this time you provided a block a week long block of instruction at Camp Shelby. I would just like to convey how appreciative I am that you took some time to help prepare us for a deployment. Our Stryker Brigade has recently returned from Iraq. I personally ended up managing several teams of Intelligence personnel. I found your course extremely helpful. I truly believe it was one of the most critical pieces of training that we as intelligence professionals received prior to our deployment. From my personal experience, I would like to say your course was without a doubt a building block for our success!"

"This course was one of the best I have attended in the army… The only potentially negative thing I could say is that I wish the course was longer and that we could be given more materials and practical exercises with a longer course. This is the kind of instruction intel should be focused on. I personally would love further chameleon training."

"Instructors had real world experience. We need more training like this. Instructors answered all questions. The entire class paid close attention at all times."

"This course was fascinating and amazing. I understand this was just the tip of the iceberg but it only whetted my appetite for this type of tradecraft… Overall, the instructors were superb. Thank you."

"This is an excellent course and should also be taught to all Commanders. A longer and more in-depth course would be more effective."

"The choice for instructors was fantastic. Using instructors that know the content in and out, backwards and forwards. Their resume help to pique my interest."

"Without a doubt, this was the most informative, effective, and useful class I have taken since I joined the military. The instructors were phenomenal, friendly and took the subject matter seriously. My only complaint was that I did not have the opportunity to take the extended course. I hold the course and Instructors in extremely high regard and feel much more prepared for my deployment because of both."

"The Predictive Profiling course compliments the Arabic Language course taken very well. It was taught by knowledgeable instructors and in an organized manner. The overall quality of the course was very good."

"This is one of the best classes I've attended in my military career. The only complaint I have is it is far too short to be truly effective. It should be a minimum, one month long."

"The instructors are extremely qualified and have a high level of knowledge. This course should be required for anyone deploying to the Middle East, especially linguists and intel personnel. I would enjoy taking some of the other courses Chameleon offers."

"I thought the training was the best training I've had since I've been at Camp Shelby. The course was well organized. The power points included lots of videos. The instructors did an excellent job at presenting, instructing, and mentoring students. The exercises off base were excellent. I learned a huge amount during that exercise. The facilities provided by the Army were not good at all."

"This is a very good course. I think that most soldiers that leave the POB would benefit from this instruction. In addition, I see this as a very good way for the commanders to realize the mindset of the adversary."

"Very knowledgeable instructors that brought real world experience to enhance the course and they also gave useful constructive criticism to develop skill sets."

"The class was some of the best training I have received. I would prefer to attend more of this training."

"I loved the tools that this course gave me. I think that I will be using these techniques in the field and they will benefit my unit."