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A red team is an adversarial simulation of a threat indicator, for example – someone conducting surveillance.  It’s a way to test that security officers are performing well and adhering to their SOP.  It also tests that a security system is effective in mitigating or preventing threats.

Role Players are a key component of Chameleon Red Team exercises.  They act out a behavior and/or adopt a role, depending on the simulation.  A typical red team takes less than 15 minutes to conduct and normally takes place in the daytime.

Job Description

The Red Team Coordinator will report to a Security Quality Assurance Manager. Together they will design red team exercises for given clients throughout the month.  The Coordinator will at times both act as a role player and will also identify role players to fulfill assignments.  He/She will schedule and manage red teams, brief and debrief the role player(s) and write up Red Team reports that describe the exercise and its results in detail.

This is a part time position estimated at 15-20 hours per month. Compensation will reflect experience.