Terrorist Threat Mitigation Guide

Terrorist Threat Mitigation GuideThe Terrorist Threat Mitigation Guide is designed to assist security professionals map and articulate threats against their protected environments. The Reference Guide demonstrates processes and formulas necessary for the design of a threat-oriented and proactive security framework. Readers will learn how to define and articulate security objectives and how to accomplish those with minimal resources and with maximum results.

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Chameleon Associates’ objective is to provide guidance for security managers and law enforcement officers entrusted with the safety and security of people and assets. This reference guide is intended as a source document from which security and law enforcement can extract those elements applicable to their own environments. The reference guide aims to assist professionals in the augmentation of their threat mitigation practices, procedures, policies and protocols and is a vital skill enhancement tool. It reflects ideas and practices used by security and law enforcement agencies in many protected environments around the world.