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May 21 - 22 2013
Newark, NJ
at the DoubleTree By Hilton Newark Airport

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The Predictive Profiling and Security Questioning Seminar was delivered to thousands of security, law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals all over the world. This course aims to change mindsets and addresses security from the adversary point of view. This course is for anyone tasked with preventing terrorists and criminal threats.

Predictive Profiling focuses on categorizing criminals and terrorists into behavioral profiles as opposed to racial, religious or ethnic profiles. The use of “mules”, the falsification of identities and the variety of international and domestic criminal and terrorist groups in operation, have rendered racial profiling an inefficient method for threat mitigation.  Chameleon’s proprietary methodology provides the complete operational profile for a criminal or terrorist scenario, from the planning of the attack to the execution, focusing on what criminals and terrorists do, and not who they are.

DoubleTree By Hilton Newark Airport

Room Reservations: 1-973-690-5500
General Information: 1-818-734-8448

Seminar Fees: 
Industry - $695.00
Government - $595.00

Course Overview

Course Schedule

Day 1
08:30 - 08:40
Introduction to the Seminar
08:40 - 10:00
The Nature of the Terrorist Threat -Audience will learn of the guiding principles for planning and executing a terrorist attack.
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 -11:00
The Nature of the Terrorist Threat (Continued)
11:00 - 12:00
Means of Aggression - Audience will learn about bomb configurations as well as concealment methods of means of aggression.
12:00 – 13:00
13:00 - 14:15
Adversary’s Workshop - Audience will develop terrorist methods of operations through a red teaming table top exercise. Groups will present the terrorist methods of operations that they developed as a group. This exercise will be used to predict plausible terrorist methods of operations and subsequent suspicion indicators.
14:15 -14:30
Afternoon Break
14:30 – 16:30
Suicide Bombers - Methods of operations and the mitigation procedures used to thwart and prevent suicide terrorism


Day 2
08:30 - 08:40
08:40 -10:00
Predictive Profiling - Audience will learn about the Predictive Profiling methodology and how to utilize it in threat assessments of people, objects and situations.
10:00 -10:15
10:15 – 12:00
Predictive Profiling (Continued)
12:00 – 13:00
13:00 – 14:30
Principles of Security System Testing & The Cyclical Security Engineering Process - Audience will learn how to plan and implement Security System Testing drills and the effectiveness of a test for keeping the security system threat oriented. Audience will learn how to engineer predictive profiling into security operations in an effective manner.
14:30 – 14:45
Afternoon Break
14:45 - 15:00
Psychology of Threat Assessment and Decision Making – This module covers the psychological elements that influence decision making for both the adversary and the questioning officer.
15:00 – 15:30
Principles of Questioning – This module general questioning techniques and the differences between law enforcement approaches, intelligence driven questioning, security questioning and interrogation.
15:30 – 16:15
General Principles of Security Questioning – This module discusses the general principles for effective security questioning and some of the suspicion indicators associated with individuals being questioned.
16:15 – 16:30
Q & A – Conclusion & Handing Out Certificates


The Presenters

The Chameleon trainers have a rich background in the application and design of security technology for threat mitigation. Chameleon trainers possess detailed knowledge in developing operational protocols for security.

Chameleon presenters will use case studies and exercises to demonstrate real life applications of Predictive Profiling and Security Q. The seminar will be delivered using a Power Point slide presentation. The Presentation is designed to deliver the program's content in a clear and organized fashion.

Amotz Brandes – Managing Partner / Chameleon Associates
Mr. Brandes is a veteran of an Israeli Defense Forces Special Reconnaissance and Intelligence Unit.  He began his career as a Security Agent for El-Al Israeli Airlines in Los Angeles.  Since joining Chameleon Associates he formed the Consulting Division and developed training programs in “Red Teaming”, “Predictive Profiling” and “Security Engineering”.  Mr. Brandes has an extensive project management and business development experience from international and federal projects. He was the project manager for many security audits and red teaming exercises around the world at mass transit hubs, government facilities, museums, malls and airports to name a few. He is the Author of the “Terrorist Threat Mitigation Reference Guide” and a lecturer and presenter in corporate and government settings, worldwide.  Mr. Brandes has a B.A Degree in International Development Studies from UCLA. He is the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee of the California Israel Chamber of commerce.


This seminar was delivered to hundreds of law enforcement, security, military, corporate and non-profit organizations worldwide. Over the years, our trainers have received high praise from students, with average post-course survey scores never below 95%. The only consistent complaint we hear is that our students wished the training were longer because they want more.
Here are some comments by our seminar participants:
“The real world experience and non-fiction examples of the application of their methodology were superb. They need to be briefing upper levels of the US Government.”

“I found the information that was presented in the seminar to be both relevant and useful. The concepts were both new and exciting, and were in complete contrast to the many seminars that I have attended which put out the same old information that we have been hearing for many years. The Chameleon speakers are not only dynamic and interesting, but include many who have had real life experiences with the subject being taught. One comes away from a Chameleon seminar with a real, usable grasp of the subject and a feeling of time and money well spent.”

“The Predictive Profiling & Terrorist Threat Mitigation Seminar is one of the most organized and well presented seminars I have attended in twenty five years of law enforcement. This well presented and thought provoking method surprises me that more governmental and civilian organization do not attend and place these measures in process. The civil liability requires us to perform all the techniques available to us to protect the public. As law enforcement takes on more of the "homeland security" role, combined with budget and staff limitations, this educational opportunity offers to be a financial must. This is a protection of our most valued asset, the public we defend.”

“This seminar is a must for security executives. It pulls you out of your element and makes you think about security and protection in a whole new that applies to any protected environment you are trying to secure. I highly recommend it.”

“The ‘Predictive Profiling’ process does not depend on (classified) intelligence to work; intelligence can complement ‘Predictive Profiling’ but is not at all necessary. In fact, ‘Predictive Profiling’ tends to produce intelligence…”
This course was by far the best training I have received since joining the government. Amotz’ knowledge, experience and teaching methods were fantastic.
Wow! Please change our SOPs!
Great class! Very helpful for entire workforce in TSA. Should be offered to a much wider audience.
This class was excellent and should be a part of every inspector’s initial training.
This class should be offered to the front line, particularly the supervisors who are the primary/1st decision makers in our quest to stop terrorist activities.
This was the best class that I've taken in eight years with the government. The instructor was a domain expert versed in security standards for exceeding current TSA methodology. If the enemy comes to us, training like this course, becomes infinitely more valuable.
Very good material. I hope the upper level people at TSA will facilitate this training to front line officers. Excellent instruction. Confidence in instructor very high!
The information provided and lessons learned were much needed. It changed my thought process as to what security actually intel; however, the fact we in the U.S. are still reactive as opposed to be pro-active in regards to how we conduct security is cause for alarm. Working security and knowing what should be done but being limited, by those we are paid to protect in what we can do, is very frustrating.
This training was excellent in all respects. Amotz was a very informed and articulate facilitator whose own training and experience added to his presentations. I have attended like instruction in the past, this training was far more beneficial. Amotz was able to maintain the group's interest and stay with the agenda. He hit all the key subject areas. I would recommend that NVHA arrange to offer the 2-day course on Security "Questioning" to further enhance our knowledge in this area. Super job! I appreciate the opportunity to have attended and thanks to Amotz and Janet Engle (NVHA) for the instruction and this opportunity.
Very useful. Makes me want to put into practice everything I heard. I will use many of the ideas taught in this course. A change of one way of thinking to another is useful.
Excellent Instructor - wish I had it when I first started TSA. I could have been more of an expert.
This was the best training I've had with TSA. The teaching was clear, the examples were effective, and the materials were ordered in an organized manner (e.g., documents, following applicable slides)
A breath of fresh air! Finally, a rational approach to security.
A complete system, ready to be used.
This is the kind of training that TSA should be doing everyday! Excellent Instructor!!!
This training course was excellent. The exercise in the mall was a great opportunity to apply what was taught in class. I hope to take another class in the future.
It's about time we have this type of training. Someone is getting it!
Very useful for individuals in overall training of aviation security. I hope to engage the practices learned if my administration permits me to employ them. I hope to further educate myself in additional training.
The instructor was very knowledgeable. He used life experiences with the course content in presenting the course material which was great. I would be very interested in taking more courses to understand the mindset of terrorist and suicide bombers.
Very eye-opening, so much knowledge gained in just two days. The teaching methods and examples used were very practical and beneficial for understanding the concepts/purpose of the seminar. Thank you!
HQ needs to attend this course to see the benefits of these techniques.
Subject matter expert (very" energetic, knowledgeable, and practical in disseminating this information. Learned a great deal after his training. I really appreciated his explanation of security rings vs. patches. I now also have a greater awareness and understanding of threats vs. risks.
Mr. Brandes is a great instructor. I enjoyed attending this class from an adversary prospective. I would strongly recommend that this course be given to the TSA Senior leadership to include the Federal Security Directors nationwide. My point is, TSA needs to decide if we're better using our current resources to avoid another 911 attack. Thanks for teaching me how the think out of the TSA box. Keep up the good works. Thank you.
Human Resource screening was informative - but above and beyond scope (especially for gov't officers)
As a law enforcement officer, this course provided awareness & knowledge to think out the box. It also provided awareness that all questioning are not always based on only law enforcement techniques.
Course made you see things from different perspectives that you would not have thought of. Excellent instructor.
Second course I attended given by Amotz Brandes of Chameleon Associates, as the first class another outstanding course. In my opinion, this course should be offered to all supervisors at TSA, as I found this to be an invaluable tool to assist us in bettering our questioning skills.
I definitely feel that all TSA employees should go through this training.
Please have this class distributed throughout TSA nationwide.
I thought the course was great. Mr. Brandes is very knowledgeable and an excellent presenter. My only suggestion pertains to the field exercise. I thought the first round was very effective; however, I felt the second round lost effectiveness because it was essentially continuous and in the same location, this reducing the learning benefit.
Predictive Profiling was an excellent course. Amotz supported his ideas and provided beneficial information which directly effects our jobs. Amotz maintained professionalism, justification, and problem/solution scenarios for the class to be open minded. I enjoyed both days and look forward to taking additional Chameleon trainings. Thank you!
I thought the information was very insightful. I really enjoyed this training. I know if we could actually do this at the checkpoint, it would be beneficial. I don’t know how to communicate this to TSA. I agree this class should be given to everyone in TSA from TSO on up. If you ever have another class available, I would love to attend. A longer questioning class would be good.
Excellent course. Very informative. I am highly interested in taking the cargo profiling class. This class was very helpful. Some of the best training I've taken so far.
The course content was very interesting and Amotz kept the class captivated. This has been some of the better training I have had on this subject. The ties to Israeli Security were very interesting and relevant.
Best training I've ever received concerning security and look forward to receiving more.
Great class! Very helpful for entire workforce in TSA. Should be offered to a much wider audience.
This course was by far the BEST training I have received since joining the government. Amotz knowledge, experience, and teaching methods were fantastic.
This class was excellent. I would recommend it. I like the participation in class. This should be part of every inspectors initial training. A lot of thought was put in perspective for our job and my way of thinking.
Without a doubt, this is the best training I have ever received.
I truly learned a lot more in these two days than I have in prior training. The instructor was outstanding. I would attend another course given by the same instructor
Great Course. The standard by which all other courses should be judged.
Outstanding course. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable in the subject. Very helpful information that will help me be more effective in preventing unlawful acts against civil aviation. Thank you.
Air Line Pilot Association Magazine – Nov/Dec 07 Issue -“To stop a terrorist, you need to think like a terrorist - which is precisely what the unsuspecting participants of this year’s annual Aviation Security Forum, or AvSec 2007, of ALPA’s National Security Committee (NSC), were suddenly asked to do. During one of the many briefings, discussions, and group activities of this 4-day, August event, Amotz Brandes, consultant and former security agent for El Al Airlines assigned to Los Angeles, walked AvSec participants through the eight stages necessary to plan a terrorist attack—marking, intelligence gathering, surveillance, planning, tooling up, training and rehearsal, execution, and getaway. Brandes pointed out the kinds of vulnerabilities these criminals look for during this process, adding that ‘typical attacks take one to five years to execute’. Brandes then turned the tables on the audience, dividing them into four groups and providing them with different scenarios. He then asked each group to plot an attack. This riveting exercise and the ensuing discussion revealed the many challenges that plotters would confront while planning an attack on the air transportation system. AvSec 2007 attendees walked away with a new-found appreciation for the available information about terrorism and the many over-lapping layers of airline security that protect our airplanes, airports, and most of all, flight crews and the traveling public.”

The Presentation

Chameleon offers the only curricula in the market today that provides a systematic approach for Detection of Suspicion, Determination of Threat and Deployment of subsequent procedures. Predictive Profiling is a different approach that starts from the point of view of the aggressor and is based on actual aggressors methods of operation. We believe that Profiling behaviors and situations should be the foundation for every security procedure. Chameleon's Predictive Profiling methods are applicable to virtually any environment and set of security requirements. If you have special needs, the course can be built for your specific environment and resources.

Who Should Attend?

  • Security Directors & Law Enforcement - applying and designing proactive threat oriented policies for terrorist and criminal  threat mitigation.
  • Homeland Security & Defense Officials - defining security requirements based on adversary's methods of operations.
  • Security Systems Engineers - building and integrating a comprehensive threat mitigation framework.
  • Security Systems Integrators - design of a threat oriented security system based on the Cyclical Security Engineering Process.
  • Event Security Management Personnel.
  • Crowd-Control Specialists.
  • Mass Transit Security.
  • Airport, Port and Cruise Line Security Personnel. 
  • Security professionals in the service industry.
  • Security professionals in the retail industry.
Some of the organizations that have attended this seminar include: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Federal Protective Services, ALPA -Airline Pilot Association, Department of Justice, Law Enforcement agency from around the world, Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PERSEREC), U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), AntiCrime International (Australia), The Institute for Homeland Security, Texas A&M University, Boeing , State of Alaska Department of Homeland Security, Canadian Air Transit Security Administration (CATSA) and more...

Take Home Material

The Terrorist Threat Mitigation Guide CD - The Guide is a reference book designed to help security professionals to better map their protected environments and security threats. The guide describes key terminologies and definitions of threat and provides successful formulas for threat mitigation ($40 Value).
Presentation - Seminar attendees will receive a hard copy of the seminars multimedia presentation

Hotel and Accommodations

DoubleTree By Hilton Newark Airport
128 Frontage Road
Newark, NJ
Room Reservations: 1-973-690-5500
General Information: 1-818-734-8448
Hotel rates per night is $ 149.00 (special rates for the nights of 15-17.)

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