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security courses onlineSometimes it’s just inconvenient or it is too expensive to arrange for an employee to get in-class room training. There’s finding the budget, the hassle of transportation and accommodations, scheduling for job coverage. Not that in-classroom training isn’t very valuable. One way or another, companies and individuals are smart to nurture their intellectual capital. Keeping up to date and continually improving skill sets can have a positive effect in many areas to say nothing of keeping competitive. This is where a good online course shines.                                                                   security courses online


The demand for online training has prompted us at Chameleon to expand the reach of our existing online suite of courses. We have translated our most popular course into French – the official language in 30 countries, spoken by about 250 million people worldwide and the second most spoken language in Europe (according to France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs).


So we officially say ‘bienvenue’ to Predictive Profiling en LigneFrançais. And hope the course helps accommodate French speakers working in a security function who can immediately benefit from this curriculum. Check it out here.

security courses online

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  1. Arnaud Palisson on December 17, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Hey, nice move!
    Félicitations pour cette initiative.

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