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September 23 - September 24


The Proactive Threat Assessment (Predictive Profiling) and Security Questioning course has been delivered to thousands of security professionals all over the world. The training provides security and law enforcement officers with the tools and skills to effectively assess threats in their operational environments. Trainees gain the ability to articulate “gut feeling” into clear definitions of Suspicion Indicators and Adversary’s Methods of Operations. This aids in avoiding liability issues and to increase overall threat mitigation capabilities.
Course participants learn how to proactively prevent, deter and respond to criminal and terrorist threats including hostile surveillance, intelligence gathering, dry runs and execution of the crime/attack. Trainees learn to think like the adversary and then use their experiences to assess threats and develop effective countermeasures.


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€895 Industry (excl. VAT)          €795 Government (excl. VAT)


Predictive Profiling Explained


Chameleon offers the only curriculum in the market today that provides a systematic approach for Detection of Suspicion, Determination of Threat and Deployment of subsequent procedures. Predictive Profiling is a different approach that starts from the point of view of the adversary and is based on actual adversary’s methods of operation. We believe that profiling behaviors and situations should be the foundation for every security procedure. Chameleon’s Predictive Profiling methods are applicable to virtually any environment and set of security requirements. If you have special needs, the course can be built for your specific environment and resources.


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Security professionals and executives, intelligence officers, military and law enforcement personnel can all benefit from this course.


Simon Wurms / Trainer

Simon’s career began in securing high-risk facilities. For over 25 years, he has put proactive security methods, knowledge of physical security measures and counter intel to work. In 2012 he was asked to provide training in Security Questioning, Proactive Threat Assessment, Red Teaming, Krav Maga and more for high level governmental clients in Europe.

In 2013, he joined Chameleon as an instructor and Security Quality Assurance Manager and has been working for both government and private sector clients. Projects he worked on include creation and delivery of training programs and consultancy for museums, churches, airlines, judicial organizations, military and police special units and banking.

Mr. Wurms is fluent in Dutch and English


This seminar was delivered to hundreds of law enforcement, security, military, corporate and non-profit organizations worldwide. Over the years, our trainers have received high praise from students, with average post-course survey scores never below 95%. The only consistent complaint we hear is that our students wished the training were longer because they want more. Here are some comments by our seminar participants:

“I found the information that was presented in the seminar to be both relevant and useful. The concepts were both new and exciting, and were in complete contrast to the many seminars that I have attended which put out the same old information that we have been hearing for many years. The Chameleon speakers are not only dynamic and interesting, but include many who have had real life experiences with the subject being taught. One comes away from a Chameleon seminar with a real, usable grasp of the subject and a feeling of time and money well spent.”
“The Predictive Profiling & Security Questioning Seminar is one of the most organized and well presented seminars I have attended in twenty five years of law enforcement. This well presented and thought provoking method surprises me that more governmental and civilian organization do not attend and place these measures in process. The civil liability requires us to perform all the techniques available to us to protect the public. As law enforcement takes on more of the “homeland security” role, combined with budget and staff limitations, this educational opportunity offers to be a financial must. This is a protection of our most valued asset, the public we defend.”


“A breath of fresh air! Finally, a rational approach to security.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable. He used life experiences with the course content in presenting the course material which was great. I would be very interested in taking more courses to understand the mindset of terrorist and suicide bombers.”


“Very eye-opening, so much knowledge gained in just two days. The teaching methods and examples used were very practical and beneficial for understanding the concepts/purpose of the seminar. Thank you!”


“Subject matter expert (very” energetic, knowledgeable, and practical in disseminating this information. Learned a great deal after his training. I really appreciated his explanation of security rings vs. patches. I now also have a greater awareness and understanding of threats vs. risks.”


“Predictive Profiling was an excellent course. Amotz supported his ideas and provided beneficial information which directly effects our jobs. Amotz maintained professionalism, justification, and problem/solution scenarios for the class to be open minded. I enjoyed both days and look forward to taking additional Chameleon courses. Thank you! “


“The course content was very interesting and Amotz kept the class captivated. This has been some of the better training I have had on this subject. The ties to Israeli Security were very interesting and relevant. Best training I’ve ever received concerning security and look forward to receiving more.”


“This course was by far the BEST training I have received since joining the government. Amotz knowledge, experience, and teaching methods were fantastic.”


“I truly learned a lot more in these two days than I have in prior training. The instructor was outstanding. I would attend another course given by the same instructor”



Seminar attendees will receive a hard copy of the seminar multimedia presentation.


September 23
September 24


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