2020 Recap

Chameleon Recap 2020

2020 was a weird year.  Nonetheless, Chameleon continued to provide security consulting services and training to our clients, both new and existing.  We’ve been playing to our strengths in terms of supporting a wide range of industries in areas across the globe.  We’ve found that our flexible, resilient and creative work ethic makes for success, regardless of how crappy things are.

Here are some highlights:

For the first time, we’re using virtual tools to provide our full two-day trainings.  While the interaction is certainly different, some aspects are positive: the chats and notes are a nice addition and using virtual rooms to conduct workshops has fueled creativity.  But make no mistake!  We are looking forward to a return to in-person training, eventually, in 2021.

We completed a major, year-long Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for a large civil-military public airport in the U.S..

Red team and testing services have continued more or less as usual.  The bad guys don’t stop for Covid and neither should our red teams.

In Europe, we have been working extensively to bolster security for national judiciary services and look forward to expanding the training and coaching of security officers that we provide as part of larger security quality assurance programs, across the pond.

Speaking of security quality assurance, Guardian by Chameleon - our proprietary application that helps us to track, report and follow up on activity at our clients’ locations - is undergoing major upgrades.  We expect a soft launch of Guardian 2.0 in the first quarter of 2021.

Schools have really felt the brunt of Covid.  We’ve helped our school clients with some of their challenges between openings and closings with the goal of making those go as smoothly and safely as possible.  The shift to virtual has given us more opportunity for conducting training to both security officers and school personnel - online.

One of our newest clients is an upscale gated community in Southern California (we can’t say who but it’s top drawer) who approached us to assist with a wide variety of security issues.  Starting with a TRV, we’ve been helping with security design, optimization, training and red team services.

We have managed the Request for Proposal and bidding process for security vendor services for a number of our clients, this year, among them, a leading biomedical in Texas.  When we are able to help select and vet contractors the result is a win-win for all parties.  

We are especially proud to have been able to assist essential businesses to operate safely and securely. Among those are supermarkets, medical facilities and transportation services.

Interestingly, we have conducted more investigations, due diligence and pre-employment background investigations this year than in any other year.  Perhaps Covid has made Human Resource personnel more cautious…

We are delighted to report that no Chameleon staff were let go due to Covid, something that so many businesses have sadly struggled with this year.  To the contrary, in our case we were able to bring on board a couple new Chameleonites to enhance our stellar team. 

As for 2021, we look forward to returning to projects most hampered by Covid, such as those related to tourism.  As borders open, Covid recedes and life normalizes we welcome healthy, safe and prosperous years ahead for Chameleon and for our clients. The future is bright.

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