If you really want to understand Homeland Security then attend Chameleons Behind the Scenes seminar in Israel. This is not a classroom based curriculum. The entire week is a hands-on exposure to security and terrorist threats in a country that knows all too well about the subject and lives every moment with the threat. If you have the desire to understand the dynamics of the Middle East and the necessary elements of security in the 21st century then you must attend this seminar. The day at Ben Gurion Airport is worth its weight in gold. When you walk away from the airport you realize that every airport in America is virtually without security. Israel has become the first and last word in security for one simple reason... necessity. You could spend years reading and studying terrorism, security, and threat assessment and not accomplish an understanding that this one seminar offers and in my opinion delivers.

Mark Furman

Consultant Fox News

Participation in the executive seminar was like spending a week in a living homeland security laboratory. Everyone in the group was astounded with the access to experts and facilities that Chameleon was able to arrange. I came home with a grasp of both the philosophy and application of Israeli counterterrorism practices beyond all expectations.

Dr. Thomas Curtis

Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii

Chameleon Associates brought a no-nonsense approach to school security that began with a full study of the school’s strengths and weaknesses as it relates to security threats on or off our campus. We personally chose to work with Chameleon associates because they were the only security assessment company who were not in the business of selling us their own security solutions. Chameleon Associates specializes in one thing, to partner with the school to offer sensible and so-able security recommendations and solutions that match with school’s mission and culture considering the school’s practical constrains.

Vincent E. Downey

Head of School – Calvary Cristian School

Outstanding course. Provided a completely different and efficient method for providing security. It has led to a much greater understanding of the holes in our current security processes. I would much like to take additional courses by Chameleon, especially the Questioning Course.

Seminar attendee

Proactive Threat Assessment and Security Question